First of the Year Firsts for Tennis Players

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We all get a chance to start from square one at the first of the year. And that's a blessing. Cause there are lots of 'First -of -the -year- Firsts' AND do-overs that we all would like to take advantage of. So rally up tennis players, fans and the like! Here is a list of FIRSTS you can focus on in this game and that can carry over into life too!

Be the FIRST TO:

  • Listen. Like really closely and really intently to your partner & ALL people in your life
  • Rush the net and take initiative 
  • Know when tennis is vital to your well being but also when you need a break from it
  • Take first! Be #1! It's o.k. to WIN! That's mostly what sports are all about.
Wristpect Sport Athlete Savannah Broadus wearing Arctic Tigris wristband
(Sponsored athlete, Savannah Broadus is #1 in talent, smiles and heart. Savannah is shown wearing Arctic Tigris wristband)
  • Be the first to initiate a change of tactics when you've fallen behind in the set
  • Congratulate the opponent win, lose or draw and mean it with genuineness and class
  • Don't get tangled up in the ocassional line dispute. Take the high road and don't let things fester over a game played with a small yellow ball. A black lab dog never does!
  • Embrace a God honest kind of true respect for: the game, your partner, teammates and opponents. AND portray a healthy dose wherever you go in the world!
  • Spread WRISTPECT on court- literally- with your attitude, character AND your fashion accessories.

Go ahead (all puns intended) and be the first to wear a Wristpect Sport hat on court. People will ask you about the name perched upon your head and you'll find it's a great conversation starter with your partners and teammates...even your opponents! And, it will be a small sign of your character and that which you think is important.

Wristpect Sport Athlete shown wearing Spring Break wristband set & matching hat

(Sponsored athlete, Katy Gehring shown wearing Cross Court Coral hat and Spring Break wristband set)

What if we all made respecting others the FIRST thing we did in all situations? We're thinking the world would be a bit better place if we did! And if that makes us a 'save the whales' kind of company, then we'll respect that!

Respectfully Yours,