How do you wear a wristband?

The sweatband was originally invented by tennis and sportswear legend Fred Perry in order to be able to absorb the sweat from his face and from his arm(s) on the court while playing. Tennis players all over the world have been wearing wristbands for ever since. For most elite players, wristbands are a vital tool for fighting the sweat that drips down the arm to the wrist, or to wipe away the sweat traveling down their foreheads.

A good many of the top pro tennis players like Bethanie Mattek-Sands wear wristbands for good reason. Many recreational players like me use them too. For a long time wristbands came in one color, white. It's only been in the last 10 years or so that anyone has worn  wristbands that are pigmented. Wristpect Sport wristbands have colors, patterns, and designs!

Wristpect Sport! wristbands are both a tennis fashion statement AND a tool that works. Here’s how I wear them:

Step 1

viper vantage wristband showing inside out

I choose a wristband like Viper&Vantage that cordinates with my attire. There are other wristbands but Wristpect Sport! wristbands are 80% cotton and 20% spandex. They are fun and coordinate well with EVERYTHING. I sweat a lot and my Wristpect Sport wristband can handle it!           

Step 2

PrimalColors wristband set on Katy

I pull my wristband down my forearm to the end of my wrist. I do not cover my wrist completely, as I must keep maneuverability in my hand. I keep my wristband in the appropriate spot, so my wristband will absorb the sweat trickling down my arm and keep my hand dry. 

Step 3

Alley wristband

I use my wristband to wipe the sweat from my forehead and face. When playing a match or practicing, sweat will roll down my forehead and ultimately into my eyes. I wipe away the sweat as often as necessary.


Step 4

CrimsonTide wicking image

When I sweat, my Crimson&Tide wristband absorbs it. Other wristbands get  soggy and loose. WS! wristbands have an extra outer layer of Sweat-Ban™ material. This outer layer that wipes the face stays fresh and dry no matter how much sweat is absorbed by the terry under side.

I keep extra WS! wristbands in my MaggieMather bag in case my partner or a teammate forgets to bring hers!

Wristpect Sport a Fashion Accessory Company Tailoring Team Sponsorship

Do you love team tennis?       Do you love your tennis team?

If your answer is yes then Wristpect Sport! has a deal that's right for you--and your teammates! Let us partner with you and your team to accessorize you for a winning season.

team tennis with dynamic duo

Whether your team wears a matching uniform, or specific team color, or not; Wristpect Sport wants to offer your team sponsorship. Everyone needs to mop their sweat and we want you to do it fashionably, while saving!

Wristpect Sport studies the latest tennis fashion and we keep both colors and patterns in mind when designing our wristbands. This makes it easy for you to find a set that is tailored to your teams look.

sandestin team tennis Tennis AnyWon

To qualify for sponsorship:

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  • Have fun with your team!


acics and wristpect sport wristbands


Keep partnering with us season to season and we'll keep the savings coming because who doesn't like freshening up their tennis attire EVERY season? 

When you think of Billy Crystal and Fernando Lamas think of Wristpect Sport!


Many moons ago Billy Crystal got the brilliant idea to impersonate the suave and sophisticated Hollywood star Fernando Lamas on his recurring skit on Saturday Night Live. The skit was called Fernando’s Hideaway. Two lines spoken became iconic: “You look MAHvelous” and “I would rather look good than to feel good and you know who you are.”

Wristpect Sport took the plain white terry wristband and gave it a facelift of style by adding a second layer of wicking material. The second layer not only wipes the sweat away from your face, it provides you with a beautiful tennis accessory!

inside out view of two layers of cloth

Pick any outfit you own then coordinate it with a Wristpect Sport wristband and you will look MAHvelous dahling! You might even play as good as you look!







Winter Olympic 2014 Spirit

Sochi Olympics 2014

Within a two-week time frame here in the United States celebrate the achievements of our best actors (Oscars), football teams (Super Bowl), singer/songwriters (Grammys) and winter sport athletes of all kinds (Winter Olympics).


We at Wristpect Sport! celebrate too! One of our newest wristband packs showcases our American pride. Let us introduce you to Free/Spirit. We respect the sacrifices made by all those who achieve. No one is given an award, a title, or a medal they earn it.

We know it’s cold outside in most of the country right now but we believe that it’s never too cold to sweat or to look fashionable while sweating! You could be heading to the gym to milder temps for your cardio, weight training, yoga, workout class or maybe you play an indoor sport—basketball, racquetball, squash, or tennis but you are heading there to sweat.  WS! celebrates your efforts and strives to keep you fashionable, check out our newest designs and always:

Play Your Sport With Wristpect!

Wristpect Sport new wristbands 2014

Wristbands and Chocolate

 Forrest Gump: My momma always said, "Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."

For people who don’t know Wristpect Sport!, our wristbands  are like that box of chocolates. But that’s only because they don't know what our wristbands are made of. However, once they do, they find we are not at all like a box of chocolates! We are much more like the M&M candies that melts in your mouth, not in your hands.

Best Friends! and M&Ms

Why? Because both have a colorful, playful unique outside that coats the wonderful inside. While the inside of an M&M is chocolate, the inside of a WS! wristband is 100% lush absorbent terry.

WS! wristbands wick away sweat from your face resulting in a drier outside layer while the inside terry layer stores the heavy sweat so you never get a face full of mush!

Sweat hard, however do it fashionably with Wristpect Sport!