A Big Thank You and a Super Cute Tennis Unboxing Video with Bethanie Mattek-Sands

In case you missed this on our Wristpect Sport social media pages...

The most appropriate thing we can say here to Bethanie Mattek-Sands is:


Now, watch and enjoy her free spirited, fun loving and creative ways!

Find more on Bethanie --and her products of choice-- here:

Website: https://bmattek.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/matteksands/?hl=en

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BethanieMattekSands/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/matteksands?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor

Lucky in Love: https://shopluckyinlove.com/

Primally Pure Skin Care: https://primallypure.com/

Kimosabe Mezcal: https://www.kimosabemezcal.com/

(Spoiler alert: some of the styles shown in this video are not yet available. So you'll just have to swing back by at wristpectsport.com to get the one's Bethanie will be sporting!)

How do you wear a wristband?

The sweatband was originally invented by tennis and sportswear legend Fred Perry in order to be able to absorb the sweat from his face and from his arm(s) on the court while playing. Tennis players all over the world have been wearing wristbands for ever since. For most elite players, wristbands are a vital tool for fighting the sweat that drips down the arm to the wrist, or to wipe away the sweat traveling down their foreheads.

A good many of the top pro tennis players like Bethanie Mattek-Sands wear wristbands for good reason. Many recreational players like me use them too. For a long time wristbands came in one color, white. It's only been in the last 10 years or so that anyone has worn  wristbands that are pigmented. Wristpect Sport wristbands have colors, patterns, and designs!

Wristpect Sport! wristbands are both a tennis fashion statement AND a tool that works. Here’s how I wear them:

Step 1

viper vantage wristband showing inside out

I choose a wristband like Viper&Vantage that cordinates with my attire. There are other wristbands but Wristpect Sport! wristbands are 80% cotton and 20% spandex. They are fun and coordinate well with EVERYTHING. I sweat a lot and my Wristpect Sport wristband can handle it!           

Step 2

PrimalColors wristband set on Katy

I pull my wristband down my forearm to the end of my wrist. I do not cover my wrist completely, as I must keep maneuverability in my hand. I keep my wristband in the appropriate spot, so my wristband will absorb the sweat trickling down my arm and keep my hand dry. 

Step 3

Alley wristband

I use my wristband to wipe the sweat from my forehead and face. When playing a match or practicing, sweat will roll down my forehead and ultimately into my eyes. I wipe away the sweat as often as necessary.


Step 4

CrimsonTide wicking image

When I sweat, my Crimson&Tide wristband absorbs it. Other wristbands get  soggy and loose. WS! wristbands have an extra outer layer of Sweat-Ban™ material. This outer layer that wipes the face stays fresh and dry no matter how much sweat is absorbed by the terry under side.

I keep extra WS! wristbands in my MaggieMather bag in case my partner or a teammate forgets to bring hers!

What kind of towel do you use when you play tennis? -- 2.0

Can one say too much about tennis towels? Probably and I’m just the one to try!

US OPEN tennis towels

True story: One of the ladies I play tennis with is a pro tournament towel magnet. (Judy do you recognize yourself?) I have seen her posts on Facebook from the US Open and BNP Indian Wells to name just two, of her showing off the towels that were handed to her from players. I’m not kidding you; the players just love her! Yes I’m jealous! Granted I haven’t attended nearly the number of tournaments she has, nor have I been in the on court seats that she has so kinda hard to get a towel if I’m not there like she is. I’ve only ever bought the towel from the pro tournament or been given one by a friend that goes and she bought them. (Almost as good as getting one from a player)

Last year I while watching coverage of Wimbledon, Brad Gilbert spoke on how he has a player towel from Wimbledon for every year since he has played there. In fact he’s traded towels to have both the men and women’s towels. He does what it takes to get as many as he can and it’s some fun game he plays with other guys from the tour.

This year while listening to the coverage of Wimbledon this year I heard MaryJo Fernandez say that she uses her Wimbledon towels in her guest bathrooms. (Guessing her guests may include some former Wimbledon Champions!)

Those player towels are awesome towels. Full, plush, and memorable! One year my doubles partner and I were invited to play in the Simply the Best tournament hosted by the Texas USTA Section in Austin. Here is the towel that we all received as ‘players’! It has been stored away so as not to be ruined or lost and will now be used in my continuing effort to stay out of my towel funk!

Simply the Best Masters towel

What is your favorite towel? Is it your favorite because it was a gift? Did you earn it or win it? Is it oversized, hand towel sized? Is it like a loofah or soft and plush? Feel free to comment here on what you think makes for the best tennis towel! And maybe let us know if you think we should make a towel!

Me, Tennis, and a Butterfly

The other night I was playing tennis at one of our local tennis facilities. Here’s a little shout out to L.B. Houston Tennis Center. LB recently is under new management and is in the process of updating as well as reopening for business.

This time of year in Texas means just about anything weather-wise goes. It could be cold, warm, rainy, sunny, or even sweltering! Luckily for us the rain had cleared and the sun had been out enough to dry and warm the courts for us. And because it is May the days are longer and the sun sets later providing us with more daylight for playing even at night!

butterfly on a tennis court

Evidence of such temperate times is here in this picture of our special guest! This little guy kept hanging around, first just fluttering in the sky, then using the net as a perch and finally on the court itself. 

Some Native American lore has it that Butterflies carry your wishes to the Great Spirit. Not being a Native American just native to America I cannot say for sure if that is true. What I can say is that butterflies are a universal symbol of beauty and happiness. I’ve always said that there is no place I’d rather be than on a tennis court. In fact the Wristpect Sport team agreed enough to put that very thought out there on a T-shirt. 

Katy no place Tee shirt

I love this shirt and wear it often. It doesn’t do as much for mopping my sweat as my wristband does, but it does serve as a reminder to me when I’m in a match and not playing my best. It’s then I stop and think that even if I’m not playing great, there is still no place I’d rather be.

How much more this is true when I enjoy after work evening tennis with my good friends and yes, a butterfly or two!

First of the Year Firsts for Tennis Players

Did you hit the button yet? Wondering what button? 


Reset button image

We all get a chance to start from square one at the first of the year. And that's a blessing. Cause there are lots of 'First -of -the -year- Firsts' AND do-overs that we all would like to take advantage of. So rally up tennis players, fans and the like! Here is a list of FIRSTS you can focus on in this game and that can carry over into life too!

Be the FIRST TO:

  • Listen. Like really closely and really intently to your partner & ALL people in your life
  • Rush the net and take initiative 
  • Know when tennis is vital to your well being but also when you need a break from it
  • Take first! Be #1! It's o.k. to WIN! That's mostly what sports are all about.
Wristpect Sport Athlete Savannah Broadus wearing Arctic Tigris wristband
(Sponsored athlete, Savannah Broadus is #1 in talent, smiles and heart. Savannah is shown wearing Arctic Tigris wristband)
  • Be the first to initiate a change of tactics when you've fallen behind in the set
  • Congratulate the opponent win, lose or draw and mean it with genuineness and class
  • Don't get tangled up in the ocassional line dispute. Take the high road and don't let things fester over a game played with a small yellow ball. A black lab dog never does!
  • Embrace a God honest kind of true respect for: the game, your partner, teammates and opponents. AND portray a healthy dose wherever you go in the world!
  • Spread WRISTPECT on court- literally- with your attitude, character AND your fashion accessories.

Go ahead (all puns intended) and be the first to wear a Wristpect Sport hat on court. People will ask you about the name perched upon your head and you'll find it's a great conversation starter with your partners and teammates...even your opponents! And, it will be a small sign of your character and that which you think is important.

Wristpect Sport Athlete shown wearing Spring Break wristband set & matching hat

(Sponsored athlete, Katy Gehring shown wearing Cross Court Coral hat and Spring Break wristband set)

What if we all made respecting others the FIRST thing we did in all situations? We're thinking the world would be a bit better place if we did! And if that makes us a 'save the whales' kind of company, then we'll respect that!

Respectfully Yours,