What kind of towel do you use when you play tennis?

tournament towels

I saw this picture of a friend on Facebook and it made me wonder about how many tennis towels I have. I went to my linen closet looked at my stacks and decided I would estimate at 25. That said I really only use the top few in the stack. Convenience obviously (top of the stack) dictates my usage. It made me think that there had to be a better way to determine my towel usage!

Here’s the thing, all of my tennis towels have some meaning. Some of them were given out by tournaments that I entered, some were awarded as prizes for winning or being the ‘bridesmaid’, some were gifts, and others I purchased. All of them are meant for on the court. I rarely use the really nice ones (the extra special ones) because I think might lose them or damage them. So because of that, many of those really nice towels stay safe and sound in my linen closet leaving me to use the not so special towels for everyday use. So I NEVER use the super nice towels. Wait what?

Has that happened to you? Have you ‘saved’ your special or unique tennis towel for special matches only to find that you forget to use them or are afraid you might lose them or damage them?

Wimbledon towel

So this summer season I have made an effort to get out of my towel funk and actually USE my ‘special’ towels and enjoy them. You know what? They are really good towels and I really do enjoy them! My personal favorites in these really hot months have been my oversized towels. They are super soft and can really handle my summer sweat! For the first time since I owned my Wimbledon towel—a gift from my BF and it bears my initials, I pulled it out of the linen closet and used it as often as I could keep it clean every time I was on the court. Now it wasn’t magical, and I did not suddenly play like Chrissy, or Martina, or Serena, but I really enjoyed using it. (Which is the point of a gift right?) Now I’ve pulled out my US Open towels and will rotate using them.

Now in case you wondered, I still wear my Wristpect Sport wristbands and they still are invaluable for the in-between point sweat mopping and no other wristband does fashion better than one of our wristbands unleashed! It’s just during the really hot months here in Texas (May-September) I need the help of a good toweling in-between games!

JayciGoldsmith wiping face with infinity

Jayci Goldsmith pictured mopping sweat with Infinity

Me, Tennis, and a Butterfly

The other night I was playing tennis at one of our local tennis facilities. Here’s a little shout out to L.B. Houston Tennis Center. LB recently is under new management and is in the process of updating as well as reopening for business.

This time of year in Texas means just about anything weather-wise goes. It could be cold, warm, rainy, sunny, or even sweltering! Luckily for us the rain had cleared and the sun had been out enough to dry and warm the courts for us. And because it is May the days are longer and the sun sets later providing us with more daylight for playing even at night!

butterfly on a tennis court

Evidence of such temperate times is here in this picture of our special guest! This little guy kept hanging around, first just fluttering in the sky, then using the net as a perch and finally on the court itself. 

Some Native American lore has it that Butterflies carry your wishes to the Great Spirit. Not being a Native American just native to America I cannot say for sure if that is true. What I can say is that butterflies are a universal symbol of beauty and happiness. I’ve always said that there is no place I’d rather be than on a tennis court. In fact the Wristpect Sport team agreed enough to put that very thought out there on a T-shirt. 

Katy no place Tee shirt

I love this shirt and wear it often. It doesn’t do as much for mopping my sweat as my wristband does, but it does serve as a reminder to me when I’m in a match and not playing my best. It’s then I stop and think that even if I’m not playing great, there is still no place I’d rather be.

How much more this is true when I enjoy after work evening tennis with my good friends and yes, a butterfly or two!

Can your wristband do more than wipe sweat?

I wear a wristband when I play tennis. I have in previous writings admitted that I did not always wear one, but as one of the proud owners of a wristband company, I felt it a bit disingenuous not to wear one! And believe it or not, I have become addicted to wearing them! (Slight exaggeration but only slight.)

wearing wristbands to hide tan and wraps

I have to admit that at first I was afraid of the unsightly tan line. Here is the skinny on that: while there is a tan line, it can be seen as a badge of tennis honor like sock tan lines OR it is easily suntanned away by enjoying a float in a pool, while watching teammates play, or just by enjoying the outdoors.

It’s funny but now I am lost without my wristband. I really use it to wipe the sweat from my eyes on really sweaty days. It might be useful on really cold days to wipe a runny nose. -_-

Jayci wiping face

Along with those two revelations, I have found one more really great function for a wristband. It covers up the tape I sometimes wear around my wrist to help absorb the shock of hard hitters. I don’t mean to imply I am an old lady (though I just might be depending on how you score age) who can’t handle a little pace. It's simply that hours of using a computer and mouse plus some inadvertent wrist tweaks in the gym make my wrist a little sore on any given game day. AKA functional wear and tear to the wrist of a seasoned vet. And, I'm just vain enough that I really don’t like showing my weaknesses to opponents so, I tape at home and slide on my wristband prior to getting onto the court. Voila, my sore wrist is hidden and no weakness shown! And for those of you who wear the rugged Velcro wrist braces, I happen to know that our wristbands do go around them and provide a MUCH softer feel when brushing up against one’s face

All in all I have found that wearing Wristpect Sport wristbands gives me a fashionable and functional flare! I just love matching them with my tennis attire and or my tennis partner!

Besties dynamic duo

Dynamic/Duo pictured above is currently unavailable

Fed Cup 2017

It’s Fed Cup time!!!

Where: Saddlebrook Resort in Tampa Bay, Florida

When: April 22-23

Who: USA VS The Czech Republic

The best-of-five match series begins on Saturday, April 22, with two singles matches. Two reverse singles matches and the doubles match follow that on Sunday, April 23. Matches will be played on a temporary outdoor green clay court. The winner of the match-up will advance to the Fed Cup Final on Nov. 11-12

Bethanie Mattek-Sands and Coco Vandeweghe fed cup

( photo courtesy of Pinterest)

Tampa Bay will be hosting Fed Cup for the first time. The U.S Fed Cup team has never lost a tie played in Florida. That said; the Czech Republic team has been dominant in Fed Cup in recent years, winning five titles in the last six years (2011-12, 2014-16). The U.S. Fed Cup team made its last appearance in the final in 2010, falling to Italy 3-1 in San Diego.

Bethanie Mattek-Sands and Coco Vandeweghe with the Australian fed cup team

( photo courtesy of 10sballs.com )

Captain Kathy Rinaldi leads the U.S. team. Players are: No. 24 CoCo Vandeweghe, No. 36 Lauren Davis, No. 49 Shelby Rogers, and world No. 1 doubles player Bethanie Mattek-Sands.

The Czech Republic team is led by captain is Petr Pala and players: No. 38 Katerina Siniakova, No. 58 Kristyna Pliskova, No. 107 Denisa Allertova, and No. 233 Marketa Vondrousova.

We hope everyone will be watching these ladies play and be cheering for their favorite player(s). We at Wristpect Sport naturally are bias towards the U.S team because we are a U.S company and one of the U.S. team members, Bethanie Mattek-Sands, wears our unique wristbands! Be on the lookout for at least one member of Team USA to be wearing a little Wristpect Spirit on her wrist!


(FreeSpirit courtesy of Wristpect Sport!)

Free Spirit wristband set


Speed Limit

There are some limits that can be good, for example speed limits, tax limits and maybe spending limits. To me, the worst kinds of limits are those that are self-imposed, when self says, “I can’t do that because…” Admittedly when I look back my big regrets are the times I told myself I couldn’t do something because I thought I was too young or too old, or didn’t have the right skillset. I needlessly limited myself. I have seen where others like me did what I dared not do mostly because they never thought they shouldn’t or couldn’t. They were limitless.

I met a woman the other day at a tennis event. She lit up as she told me about playing tennis at 80. 80!!! I swear she didn’t look a day over 70 either! Such a smile as she told me that she still wins! The point is she doesn’t care what her age is, only that she is doing what she wants to do, PLAY TENNIS! She doesn’t let anyone least of all herself tell her she’s too old. She personifies limitless.

My best friend suffered a rare condition that destroyed the cartilage in her knee and made playing tennis nearly impossible and eventually led her to have a partial knee replacement. Many thought she should have been happy with her old knee and with walking rather than risk surgery to hopefully play again. Well I’m happy she did not listen to limits because I would have lost my favorite tennis partner. She embraced limitless.

Taking the idea to transform a sweatband into a fashionable accessory wasn’t easy. The how to’s of designing, manufacturing, and distributing have been endless. But we chose to not limit ourselves. We chose to take the plunge that resulted in Wristpect Sport and our WRISTBANDS UNLEASHED! We still have hurdles, we still have challenges, and we daily are beset with limits that we meet head on to overcome.

Wristpect Sport Wristbands Unleashed 

With one month left in 2015 what limits you? Is it you? What will inspire you to unleash your passions and crush what limits you?