Take 5! Five Tennis Majors all with fashion, flair and fun!

#5 Tribute to Bethanie Mattek Sands & Lucie Safarova by Wristpect Sport

We've found ourselves taking MORE than 5 minutes to reflect on the...

EPIC 5 major tennis titles that Bethanie Mattek Sands and Lucie Safarova

...recently amassed with their win during the finals of the 2017 French Open!

Bethanie Mattek Sands and Lucie Safarova communicating

Their fun, smiles and quirky ways on the women's pro tour tour leak into our minds here and there throughout our days as we man the fort at Wristpect Sport and further our journey in tennis and sweat!

Sure these two professional tennis gals have taken 5 major tennis titles BUT we've learned as they collect the hardware...

...They are truly GIVERS in so many ways!

Bethanie and Lucie (known as 'Team Bucie') are GIVING to the sport of tennis by:

  • Showing women and little girls that sports can indeed become a BIG part of life!
  • Letting us (as well as their pro tennis peers) in on their behind the scenes moments.
  • Demonstrating that a US born athlete can team up with a CZECH born athlete proving that there are NO barriers between people, athletes and countries!
  • Displaying their courage to play against others as a untied doubles team BUT also to show that same courage AND respect when they have to battle against each other in singles play AND when their respective countries have to compete against one another in sport.
  • Learning to merge their distinct court styles of: Bethanie as Spider Man at the net and Lucie as the Czech Wall on the baseline; all the while switching it up and challenging themselves to both be good EVERYWHERE on court!
  • Maintaining healthy athletic body types which in turn allows them to enjoy wearing unique cuts and styles in tennis apparel and accessories! 
Bethanie Mattek Sands hails Lucie Safarova in French win!

    (Bethanie Mattek Sands giving props to Lucie Safarova post their 2nd French Open doubles title 2017) 

    Here's to Bethanie and Lucie...may they continue to TAKE more titles and reap reward for their hard work and talents because they've GIVEN us so much!


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    (ALL photos taken by Wristpect Sport --even if it has to be off a television screen) 


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