Pickleball & Tennis Holiday Gift Ideas--Deck the Halls & Have a Ball!

Tennis & Pickleball Gift Ideas by Wristpect Sport

We have some really great customers that distribute our products all over the country--and the world!

And sometimes amongst all the good people we meet someone will bubble to the very top. They don't have to be flashy in their approach rather it's the simple things like: their professionalism, genuine ways and just overall human decency.

John Kerr of Palmetto Dunes is just one of those guys!

This summer during a quick visit to Hilton Head for both business and fun, we shared our NEW Wristpect Sport wristbands designs with John as we checked on his inventory levels. While chatting inside the pro shop, our eye caught a petite happy red ornament with the phrase: DECK THE HALLS WITH PICKLEBALLS.

Pickleball Ornament image shared by Wristpect Sport

(Pickleball ornament by the Leftover Ladies)

We inquired and John quietly shared that his wife and daughter had created the Christmas ornaments as part of their company's mix of hand made, down-to-earth gifts! So WE asked John if we could share this with our wonderful followers!


I get hungry just typing their name and almost wanted to spell my headline: 'MeAt The LeftOver Ladies.' But this is a DIFFERENT kind of leftover!

These ladies "combine their creative energies and love for design, creating and repurposing materials..." into some really festive products! 

Here are a few more by the Leftover Ladies to consider as gifts for your friends that like to paddle that little ball:

Pickleball ball ornament shared by Wristpect sport for the Leftover Ladies

Pickleball sign shared by Wristpect Sport

(Wood pickleball sign by the Leftover Ladies)

CLICK HERE for more on the LeftOver Ladies

CLICK HERE for their Etsy store site with Pickleball Ornament

Naturally we think our wristbands make great holiday gifts and are the perfect stocking stuffer BUT...

...we thought spreading the love of OTHER tennis and pickleball gift items would be useful to you.

Shucks, we just love being useful and helping people! 

Shop now, remember what each season and holiday is REALLY about, and enjoy yourself! Better yet, HAVE A BALL!

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