Thankful for Tennis and More!


Thanksgiving Turkey Image of Thanks by Wristpect Sport

It's been almost 6+ years now since two tennis and sport loving souls came together with a creative idea for the tennis world that is now Wristpect Sport. We have met so many people, made many smile with our idea and whimsical nature, but most importantly we have forged through life becoming stronger in friendship, more committed to ideas and thankful for the new friends and customer relationships we have formed along the way!

We know that owning and operating a tennis accessory company is nothing noble, nor does it solve worldly problems or illnesses. But, using the creative spark that lights in one IS noble. Creativity honors and echos back to The creative force in our world. It is important to honor that spark, to move others even if it means with a simple piece of fabric that makes another feel healthier, connected, part of a team, etc. 

To you, we extend a grateful and bountiful thank you!







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