The Good, Bad and Ugly of What to Say to Your Tennis Partner

What To Say

We'll get this out of the way right from the beginning!

As proficient athletes here at Wristpect Sport, we enjoy the positivity of tennis and sports, and have built a brand name based in the word respect. We would never say anything bad OR ugly to our tennis partners! It just doesn't compute as decent people nor as athletes (and it actually feels odd to even type this common sense way of being).

Today, I'm sharing some of the GOOD that I have personally said to the various doubles partners I've played with over the years. The GOOD that helped motivate my partner and I, or the humor that helped keep us loose during tense moments.

But BEFORE you check out my list, please think about offering the GOOD things YOU and your doubles partners say by commenting below and/or commenting in the Facebook post tied to this blog story! We can all learn/borrow from one another!

Some GOOD Things to Say to Your Doubles Partner:

Arctic Tigris wristband pattern with link to Wristpect Sport NOTHING:

I'm a social creature/athlete that likes feeling super connected to my teammate, friends, etc BUT I'm also an observant athlete and recognize what my partner may need from me. And sometimes, they need me to say NOTHING!. Maybe they are super nervous. Maybe they are being tough on themselves. Let it be.

Spring tennis wristband pattern by Wristpect SportLET'S DO THIS!

This popular phrase may have started from the Home Depot as they have it plastered (all puns intended) on paint buckets to motivate do-it-yourself folk BUT athletes love this and it works! IT commits the mind in hopes that the body will follow.

Viper tennis wristband pattern by Wristpect Sport BE EVERYWHERE- IT PISSES PEOPLE OFF!

Sorry for the lack of class with that one word but I'm an athlete that speaks from the heart and a place of adrenaline when in the battle! I think I coined this phrase---and maybe no one would want to claim it---BUT, I've said this so many times I can't count and EVERY doubles partner responds positively! They laugh, relax a bit and feel a nudge of motivation, knowing intuitively, if we CAN indeed run down nearly every ball, we stand a better chance OR will at least keep the opponent honest.

Alley tennis wristband pattern by Wristpect SportRUN LIKE THE WIND!

I like doubles play at the net (where it should be played) because I like to volley but many partner's I've teamed with, do not. But there are times when we all need to volley and poach and get out of our comfort zone to gain the advantage, or keep a good returner honest. So often I say, "I'm serving at the body, you RUN LIKE THE WIND to cut off the return!" The phrase brings humor to the poaching strategy and takes the 'big bad wolf' out of the uneasiness one may feel while poaching.

Viper tennis wristband pattern by Wristpect SportWE'RE CLOSER TO CHIPS AND SALSA!

Yeah, I know you're probably thinking she shouldn't tell people she coined this, it's weird. BUT, I've said: "Get this point and we're that much closer to chips and salsa" during many a 3 set teeter totter match when I sensed my partner and I are waining in mind and nutrients, and it works! Food motivates us all and good athletes will eeek out that extra reservoir of effort to get the point/s that lead to the WIN knowing it makes a basket of tiny triangular goodness (topped with tangy salsa) taste that much better!

So all that is said between me and my doubles partners is GOOD!

My words may not even include tactical play diagrams, physics or mathematics BUT I do know the game of tennis, and I do speak from the heart and a place of lightness in such a way that I can keep myself and my partner motivated, relaxed and connected!

And that my friends, will get any doubles team --or any two people through a battle on court or life! 

PS- Of course I try to deliver my messages of GOOD to my doubles partners while also looking fashionable on court! If you like any of the unique numbered patterns shown above click each and they'll open a door to the GOOD in tennis fashion!


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