Tennis Locker: a Rich Technology App for Families and Facilities Shared by Wristpect Sport

Ok, when a person describes themselves as "The world's proudest tennis dad" we're hooked!

And, when we discover that a mighty fine junior tennis coach in the Dallas area--who also happens to be a friend of ours--is involved with this same proud dad--and his initiatives with a unique tennis tool he has created---we're super hooked!

Meet Furqan Iqbal the dad behind the Tennis Locker app:

Tennis Locker logo shared by Wristpect SportTennis Locker App image shared by Wristpect Sport

It's best to read the full friendly story by the folks at Tennis Locker on their Facebook page but we'll share a few quick points with you so you can check the app out for you and your family AND tell your tennis friends, coaches, and directors of tennis programs at your local club/s:

  • We've already established the founder defines himself as "The world's proudest tennis dad" and that's all due to watching his son, Abraar excel at tennis!
  • As Abraar climbed the ladder of junior tennis his father did the same in the corporate world
  • But, with the blur of busy lives, time became pressed for not only father and son but also for Abraar's tennis coaches.
  • So, good old dad found himself developing a system of charts and graphs to help his son visualize the strengths and weaknesses of his game when he could not always be present at his practices and matches
  • Quickly, and because Furqan has a tech background, he realized he could create a new technology for day-to-day program management and player development that could revolutionize the future of tennis training for directors, coaches, parent and players throughout the tennis community! So he created the logic behind the Tennis Locker app!

Today, Tennis Locker has put their app in the hands of over 12,000 users and more than 100 academies in the US and Canada!

Tennis Locker is that place where coaches, directors, players and parents can keep all of their tennis training in a TIDY location; and what tennis player doesn't like to keep their bag and match details tidy!!? 💡😎

Are you intrigued and possibly now hooked with Tennis Locker? Find more here:

CLICK HERE for Tennis Locker Website

CLICK HERE for Tennis Locker Facebook

CLICK HERE for Tennis Locker on Apple's app store 

As I type, I recall fond memories from may days in junior and college tennis when my mom used to chart my matches, stokes, etc on one of those handy dandy yellow-lined notepads! Mom would have loved Tennis Locker so she didn't have to have that big pad strewn across her lap--making crinkling paper noises--during my matches! 😳

Here's to not only tennis fashion like Wristpect Sport BUT tennis technology like Tennis Locker!


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