US OPEN Fashion Hits and Misses!

Today in my email inbox up popped this headline from USTA’s Best of Baseline: Serena Leads Fashion Aces from the 2019 US Open. I have to ask, is this for real? Are they serious?

Serena Williams and headline about fashion aces

The problem I have with this headline is that it will encourage NIKE and Serena to continue to be outrageous. Outrageous you say? Yes! My question to NIKE is this, “Do you seriously think there are enough consumers out there to make this a sales contender?” In my opinion there are not enough people world wide to pitch Serena’s tennis attire as something to wear.

serena williams black body suit 2019 us open


And yet they do. USTA's editor described Serena's dress as flattering with full sleeves and a veiled see-through bust. Available in a night session black version "(which forsook the skirt in favor of a straight-up body suit)." Yes, 'forsook the skirt'!! 

Here are other NIKE choices and these are items I can see on club players. Though admittedly if they have the propensity to expose the midriff they are not likely to be worn a lot.

MadisonKeys and Daria wearing nike 2019 US OPEN attire

American Caty McNally burst onto the scene taking Serena Williams to 3 sets. She looked great in her mesh backed Adidas mint top and black shorts but alas not many club gals are able to pull this look off either.

caty mcnally wearing adidas

Last but not least America's newest phenom Coco Gauff sported her NewBalance attire with the grace of a much more seasoned player.

Coco Gauff wearing new balance 2019 us open

And if you did not know it, take a closer look at the distinct pattern. It is pictures of the overhead views of tennis courts! 

Ben Rothernberg tweet on Coco Gauff's new balance outfit from the 2019 us open

Tennis is not all about the fashion. Truly it's all about the tennis! But there is a lot to be said about common sense and decency when one chooses what they wear. My dad was famous for letting us make our clothing choices growing up.  All he would say to voice his disapproval was, "well if you want to look like that."  So all I will say is this, feel free to wear anything from Serena's NIKE closet as long as that is what you want to look like! 


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