US Patriotism in Tennis

There's a feeling one gets in this country. Like any place in the world, we have our struggles but in the end, this country has spirit!

You can't fully describe USA spirit. You can't quite touch it but you just feel it when it bubbles over!

Yesterday, Sunday, 9/11/16 US Open tennis was played in New York. We know, it was 'just tennis' amidst what that day stands for in our country--our world BUT there was electricity and pride on court that represented the essence of US patriotism! From winners ceremonies with flags lining the center court, to a '9/11' court icon, to US athletes wearing a dash of red, white and blue you could feel it bubbling over.

We were, and will always be proud that tennis has a patriotism to it!

We are incredibly honored and tickled pink (o.k, red, white and blue) to have US tennis player Bethanie Mattek Sands wear our Free Spirit wristband set while being the first American to win the women's doubles at Flushing Meadows since 2011!

Bethanie Mattek Sands Lucie Safarova Us Open Doubles Champ photo taken by Wristpect Sport

Bethanie was moved to tears and nearly speechless at moments during the final ceremony. Her heart brimmed with what it meant to have recently won gold in Rio for her country and now to win a major title here in her own country! And she did it alongside of a woman who is NOT from our country! Lucie Safarova of the Czech Republic could feel that moment too BUT it wasn't just for her own 'self' as an athlete, she knew what it meant for Bethanie and it was incredibly human!

The article below now weaves itself into the journey and history of Wristpect Sport. We are moved by the red, white and blue, we are moved by people and their patriotism!  

Dallas Morning News article shared by Wristpect Sport

Proud to be an American!

Thank you Bethanie!

 (The above photo of Bethanie and Lucie was taken off our computer screen while watching the Live ESPN3 broadcast. We weren't there for the final rounds but we were cheering in spirit!)


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