The Truth is Now I Coordinate My Tennis Outfit Around My Wristband

I didn’t start wearing a wristband when I played tennis until Wristpect Sport started making wristbands. Coincidentally I happened to start working for WS at that time too! Yes, that did factor into me wearing wristbands for tennis but now I don’t want to play without one!

Wristpect Sport wristbands do all of the work the plain wristband does BUT they do it with fashion, fun, and flare! Admittedly I am into the flare, just ask my tennis friends. No, please don’t, you’ll learn too much about my foibles, flare is just one of them!

Navy Nike tennis outfit with wristpect sport wristband collection

Used to be, I would get dressed for tennis, grab my bag with all my WS wristbands, and just pick one once I got onto the court. Now all too often I look at all my colorful bands and painstakingly choose which one I want to wear and then go into my closet and pick what will go with my wristband! Oh the trials and tribulations of being a fashionista!

I do not recommend using the method of matching your outfit to your wristband. It was much less complicated when I chose the outfit first and then chose the wristband. But I do recommend using a Wristpect Sport wristband to accessorize your outfit and for absorbing sweat while you play.         


After all a Wristpect Sport favorite saying is: Play Your Sport With Wristpect!

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