What can make having a tennis weekend with girl friends even more fun?

So, what makes having a tennis weekend with girl friends even more fun? Winning is of course the #1 answer. Making great memories sharing dinner, drinks, a birthday, and retirement are 5 more good answers. Still there is another great answer, seeing ladies who love tennis love wearing and sharing Wristpect Sport wristbands! And I did some of all of that!

corpus christi little state

This past weekend I was in Corpus Christi for Little State. It is a tournament tied to USTA Texas Section, created for teams that just missed qualifying for Sectional Championships. I went with 10 teammates from our Ft. Worth league team.

On our first day, we got to the Texas A&M Corpus Christi campus to play our match a little early. (I may have been a little nervous) So we watched the ladies with earlier matches finish. Watching tennis is fun and it doesn’t even have to be professional caliber, and it’s made more so watching with teammates! The ladies we watched finished and the team decided to take a team picture. They asked me if I would take it for them so they could all be in it. I did but after taking the picture I couldn’t help myself, I had to ask the lady I watched about her Wristpect Sport wristbands. She told me she loved them and had purchased them in a shop in the Woodlands, TX!

corpus Christi

Pictured Jessica/Jleaf retired

At that point my best friend and tennis partner revealed to them that I was one of the owners of Wristpect Sport (the company that made her wristbands). Well after that her teammates asked me all about how I got into this business and wanted to know if I had any on me! I just happened to have brought a few with me and I sold them all within 5 minutes!

Now what I find super interesting is that the wristband set this nice lady from Houston was wearing was one of our very first designs and has since been retired. So I’d say it’s held up ok. (At least 4 years)

Some days I love what I do and other days I really love it! All in all tennis adds a lot of joy to my life and combining that with an entrepreneurial effort means at least twice the joy! (Most of the time)

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