What’s in your Fortune Cookie?

Fortune cookie with wristpect sport fortune

The older you get, the more you have to look back on. Sounds like a fortune cookie right? It’s not an earth shattering statement but when you do look back there is a lot to see.

The beginning of a new year, new decade seemed like the right time to take a look back into Wristpect Sport’s past. When we started this company we had an idea for a product and thought it would be fun to go about making the product and then selling it. Since you are on our website you know what our product is, wristbands; the unique kind that fuses function with fashion! We even nicknamed them WRISTBANDS unleashed! We’ve had a lot of fun creating the different styles and choosing the colors.

InnerPeace in packaging with wristbands unleashed 

When we first began we had little knowledge about web design or even how web traffic flows. (After 8 years one could argue we still have only a little knowledge of this!) Even so we forged ahead and well, here we are.

At first we used a different online platform, we’ve only used our current platform for the last 4 plus years to host our website. So the data I have been looking at covers only the last 4 plus years. In that time we have landed our wristbands to 40 different states! We have sent wristbands to the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. We have sent wristbands to 8 different countries: Australia, Canada, Japan, Great Brittan, Italy, Russia, South Korea, and Sweden. Even though I work directly with our online fulfillment this news was still news to me. I mean when an order comes in from a far away place it is exciting, but then you move on to the next order. It is only when you do take a moment and look back that I could see where we’ve been. Looking back made me smile to think that a product I helped create has touched the lives of people in so many different places.

Don’t get me wrong; I know we are not changing the lives of our wristband purchasers—well maybe a little. But, it is definitely fun to think about where our wristbands are and who might be wearing them! Maybe it’s you!

Kim wearing graffiti wristband

Pictured above Graffiti 

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