Wheelchair Tennis, Brands that Support it & its depth in the USTA & Tennis Community

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After a day on court, in the gym, or 20 miles on bike, I collapse on the couch to watch Stranger Things (which is getting stranger by the episode), The Durrell's of Corfu (I married a Greek...seriously, I did!) or Big Little Lies (everything in this blog is true) with ice bags on my knees and it's...

...pure heaven!

I am fortunate to have this body that has supported my penchant for sports. And as I get more entrenched into tennis as an adult (post my junior and collegiate days)--and with the many people we meet here at Wristpect Sport-- I've come to realize that there are some incredible tennis players who DON'T play the way I do and I don't play the way they do! And I'm sure complaining about mild knee pain is also something this group of people DON'T do! Who am I talking about?

Wheelchair tennis players and their incredible talents and resolve!

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With utmost respect and honesty, were it not for the USTA and their deep initiatives with these athletes I may not have come across wheelchair tennis. And, I've discovered more about these wonderful people and athletes by way of social media (i.e. Lucy Shuker). Did you know there is a hashtag called #seemeroll that is a movement the brand Lucky in Love started? Lucky in Love supports and outfits these athletes to make them "feel fashionably empowered on and off the court." Now that's impressive!
We claim zero expertise about wheelchair tennis and we're in the learning stages of how these people roll both on and off the court! Tennis is difficult on any given day and this group is down right awe inspiring! 
CLICK below to see the entities that are helping us learn more about wheelchair tennis:
History of Wheelchair Tennis by USTA
Lucky in Love #Seemeroll wheelchair tennis movement
Video with USTA Wheelchair Coach and Founder of the Sport
As you can see we're constantly learning about the game of tennis and the vastness of its community! Feel free to share anything you know about wheelchair athletes below or by email to: bounceback@wristpectsport.com 
With much respect and love, from your sweat management engineers!

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