Why Children Helping Children Inspires Us!

It's just common sense that any person helping another would inspire any of us, isn't it?

But often many adults think, 'children are too young and don't quite know how to show their compassion or do such such things yet,' right?

For me that's wrong.

Children have an innate compassion for life's objects: bugs, flowers and yes, people. Observe it and it's inspiring! Again, these are my views and I can only hope we all feel this-- even as we get a bit weathered by life.

It's no secret that Wristpect Sport has a place in our hearts for a local tennis facility in the north Dallas area by the name of, High Point Tennis Center. We've played there, sweated there, purchased tennis products there and are incredibly fond of the Director of Tennis, Ken Sumrow!

Ken is a soft spoken friendly man that has been there for our brand since it's beginnings. Once you get to know Ken you discover that he and his family have lived through a scare with cancer when their son Clint, was diagnosed years ago. Once you know this you realize you're being graced by someone who is incredibly thankful! Ken's demeanor alone is, inspiring!

What did the Sumrow family do during this tough time?

They battled their scare of cancer with love, prayer and the world of tennis!

Children Helping Children 2016 Tennis tournament Visual shared by Wristpect Sport

For the past 26 years that the Sumrow's son has been cancer FREE, the family has been fostering both, children's morale compasses as well as their love of tennis! Enter the:

Children Helping Children Tennis tournament. 


This USTA sanctioned event is held annually at the High Point Tennis Center and will be held this year from Sept 24-25.

  • ...want to let a junior player follow their desire to help others through the sport they love?
  • ...know of a junior player hankering for match play?
  • ...are you a tad over 18 years of age but a tennis lover AND giver at heart?

...then, please consider the 2016 Children Helping Children Tennis Tournament!

It was easy for our company to want to donate some of our fashionable wristbands to the Sumrow's family for this event. Every little bit helps and we enjoy involving others so, together, we can chip away at this disease!

Here's to inspiring others at any age!


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