Why I buy Penn Tennis Balls for My Dog

Skidboot The Blue Heeler Penn Tennis Ball Lover

"Dogs don't gossip. Dog's don't backstab. Dogs don't do mean."-

Nick Trout- author- The Wonder of Lost Causes

Growing up playing junior tennis I always gravitated towards Penn tennis balls.

Some think all tennis balls are all the same and at first blush even I may honestly not know exactly why I like Penn. But actually, I do! I know I liked (and continue to like) the feel, the bounce and the sound. Though I love any tennis ball, Penn seems to stand out for me.

Now, after years of creative learning by way of studying Advertising and Marketing in college, ten years with a fashion watch company and having started Wristpect Sport with my business partner I also realize another reason I like Penn...it's the font (or letter type) they use for the word, 'Penn.' All of these details matter to a brand. Like take for instance the name 'Wristpect Sport' --our team is so glad we named ourself something unique. I still chuckle thinking about the day I called my business partner to share the name that began to flood my mind as we contemplated monikers for our sport accessory company. I said the name, then had to spell it, slowly...W-R-I-S-T-P-E-C-T then the word S-P-O-R-T (singular NOT plural...that was on purpose). We almost had an LOL moment when she initially responded with, silence. Then, it hit a big spark for both of us. And we embrace it with a lot of tennis LOVE!

I know for sure I'm NOT alone in pampering my pet/s! If you're the mama (or daddy) of any kind of four-legged baby (or two or three) of any kind you know this:

We're NUTS about our Pets!

So, today I'm confessing I buy my dog a CASE of Penn tennis balls on a regular basis.

And he tears through them, RAPIDLY! I have an Australian Cattle Dog (AKA Blue Heeler) and he loves Penn as much as I do. Honestly you can throw a Penn tennis ball vs. another brand and he will sniff out the PENN!! But my other confession today is, honestly he is happy with any tennis ball---such is the life of us tennis hounds.

Skidboot The Blue Heeler Loving Penn Tennis Balls AND Cans

Below, Skidboot shows his equal love for tennis ball cans in this short video: 


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