Winning Tennis Fashion During Corona Virus

Colorful Trends image by Wristpect Sport

There are signs of hope, health and JOY bubbling up everywhere these days! And we'd like to ADD to that JOY by sharing:

The COLORFUL trends

we saw with our wristband styles amidst the last few months!

Tennis lovers still purchased Wristpect Sport wristbands during March and April--the two months we normally embrace as Spring--but which had became known as the awkward months, due to the obvious situation we all had to live out in our respective geographies. And now May is showing signs of ACING IT!

Not to get too philosophical, or to sound shallow in any way, we think the will to still think about tennis, AND happy colorful fashion, shows a tremendous amount about the COLORFUL side of the human spirit!

Here are the fashion trends we saw:

  1. Of the nearly 20 different designs we have, a variety of wristband styles were purchased 
  2. The color palette was as vast as that of a well-stocked gumball machine
  3. And TWO key styles rose to the top: Bohemian Rhapsody and Wristpectfully (both shown on sponsored athletes below):

    Bohemian Rhapsody tennis wristband set by Wristpect Sport

    (Bohemian Rhapsody double wristband set)

    Wristpectfully wristband single for tennis lovers

    (Wristpectfully wristband single)

      We are encouraged by the spirit the tennis community and our customers are showing to get back out on court with flair and style.

      We thank you all and hope to bring you JOY in all that we do!




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