Would one of these help organize you?

There are Type A people and Type B people or so I’ve been told. Type A personalities tend to be all the things I’m not until I am! I don’t think anyone is all one type of personality but those who associate more with the either type will recognize themselves in certain behaviors.

One such area just might be organization. For example you may be more of a Type A personality if all your closet hangers are facing the same direction, or if perhaps all your panties, bras, or socks are neatly stacked within 3 separate drawers. If this is you then I have something to show you. If this is NOT you, then I have something to show you!

wristpect sport wristbands organized in a drawer

Above is a picture sent to by a very loyal Wristpect Sport customer. Eva ordered wristbands on our website the other day and when I reached out to her about her order she sent me this picture of “her collection” of our wristbands!

She was bubbling over as she explained why she loved our wristbands so much and how she now cannot imagine playing without wearing them. (she wears one on each wrist and she prefers to match her wrists so she has two of everything) She told me she pulls out her wristbands and picks from there what matches her outfit then grabs a matching towel and off to tennis she goes! Yes, she shops for and matches her towels to her wristbands!!!

She delighted in showing me her organizer and even sent me a link for me to get my own CLICK EITHER IMAGE for link to Amazon shopping. And guess what, I have already ordered mine and I can’t wait to use it!

drawer organizer from Amazon.com

So to all you organized people and to you disorganized ones too, here is a fun and effective way to organize your Wristpect Sport wristband collection! And if you feel like sharing your skills with us add a comment, note, and or a snap of your mad organizational skills!

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