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Wristpect Sport is known for having unleashed the spirit of the ordinary wristband to make it extraordinary through our fashionable and functional designs!

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Motivational Wristbands for Tennis & Sports

How do you motivate yourself? Maybe you simply set a goal then shatter it? Maybe you buy the new racket after you win that particular tournament? Maybe you stay on court and hit a whole cart full of tennis balls until you can finally grasp AND possess the slice serve out wide?

Now, how do you motivate your doubles partner or tennis team?

  • Food, wine and bribes are always good!
  • Or, maybe you pep talk on the change overs?
  • Give slap happy (and we DO mean slap AND happy) solid high fives that have FIRE in them and are timed just right in the match!

All of the above are GREAT ways to motivate yourself and others!

We believe it's in what we say and the right word or words-- timed correctly-- that resonate with all athletes--all people.

At Wristpect Sport we genuinely love the art of the spoken and written word! So much so that we have incorporated word play right into the landscape or our fashionable wristband designs.

Words and phrases like these shown here: 

Tennis Ball Word Art

Now see how those same words translate to our absorbent wicking lush sweatband fabrics here:

 Wristpect Sport Motivational Wristbands

To share a positive motivational word with a partner or teammate at just the right moment can really make an impact---and not just on the court! It could be a word they needed to hear in their minds in general!

This spring, consider starting the season on court or in the gym by sharing wonderful motivational words! And remember, our wristbands can be worn over and over so that positive word or phrase serves as a reminder and sticks with your teammates match after match!

Shop current Motivational Wristbands

Discover more here if the words 'TEAM DISCOUNT' motivate you!

Finally, stay tuned for our NEW additions to our current collection of wristband word-play coming soon.


How would you compare buying a new tennis racket to buying a new bathing suit?

I’ve been playing tennis now for over 20 years. In that time I think I’ve owned 5 different rackets. That is different styles of rackets; I usually own two of any 1 style. (I own two and string them at the same time and use them alternatingly so the wear is essentially the same for both—just in case I would break a string.) 5 in 20 years is a new one every 4 years or so. I find something that I like or that works and find it too frustrating to change. Is the grip right? Are the strings good? Is it too heavy or too light?

For whatever reason when I first got a racket I got a Head racket. Now I cannot bring myself to change to any other brand. (I may or may not have issues.) It’s so hard to let go of that bird in the hand racket I’ve used for so long to try something different. And where do I start? Head size, grip, string type, tension, and string pattern—so many variables! It’s exhausting!

Why oh why isn’t there someone out there to pick the best racket for me, for me? Ah, well there kinda is but it could be tricky to find them.

This past weekend I was in Houston, TX for a team tournament. One of the fun things we do as a team besides play tennis and go out to dinner is to take a trip to Tennis Express. We go there because we are never disappointed with their inventory, both regular priced and on sale items! They sell everything tennis and have almost any racket you can imagine. So while we were there I spoke with one of the stringers about a new racket. He suggested starting with the latest version of what I already play with. Most places use the cheapest string possible for their demo rackets. I get that but this guy had this racket strung with two different types of string for a better feel and more control. How could I not like the racket?!

head racket

Next thing I know I am using a demo racket for the first time in a tournament match! Know what? I played well and loved the racket! I went back to TE bought the racket and played the rest of the tournament with it!

Now I know that everyone cannot visit Houston and Tennis Express in person. If you have a chance to visit any of the major tournaments you will find Tennis Express and or Tennis Warehouse on site. Both of these online stores frequent the majors and both have knowledgeable stringers on hand who are willing to answer questions about rackets and help you find one that works for your game. If you can’t find your way to a major and you don't live near any of their stores in Texas, California, or Georgia, you can email or call either of these online stores for help. Honestly they really don’t mind your call and they really do know their stuff! And both of these places have programs that allow you to demo rackets even if you live 2,000 miles away! UPS is awesome!

Props to Tennis Express for making my racket shopping so much easier and less painful than swim suit shopping has ever been! 

Funny that better strings makes for a better racket and better strokes especially with a demo racket! Who knew? Apparently Tennis Express!

tennis express

tennis warehouse


Our thanks to guest blogger Katie Tucker. Wristpect Sport is always open to the views, opinions, and expressions of its loyal followers!

How is it that a tennis professional thinks a foot fault should not be called?

Last night I watched the last of the Women’s Quarterfinal matches from the Australian Open. It was the headline match of Karolina Pliskova versus Serena Williams. The color commentary for this match was Mary Joe Fernandez and Cliff Drysdale along with Pam Shriver. It turned out to be an epic match with momentum swings as huge as the serves or groundies delivered by both players!

Mary Joe Fernandez

The first set of the match went to Pliskova in a closely contested 6-4 set. The second set was equally close going to Serena 6-4. Then came the third set with Serena on a roll and up 5-1. Pliskova was just not as sharp and Serena was doing what she’s known to do—close out a match. But then while serving for the match and on match point, she is called for a foot fault. Much to my surprise the first words from Mary Joe were something like—I can’t believe they would call a foot fault on match point. She continued her commentary with how she couldn’t believe that this was the first foot fault of the match and that somehow it was the linesman’s choice to call it or to not call it. REALLY? Are foot faults commonly not called? (I mean yes they are not called in my matches but that’s because we don’t have a line judge let alone an umpire!) But a rule is a rule is a rule and one would think that it would be called on every infraction. Yes?

serena williamskarolina pliskova

All I really want to say here is this: rules are rules.

Do not blame the line judge for making a fair call just because it is match point. In fact the line judge should be rewarded for having the courage to do their job and do it without regard to the weight of any one point! Because the truth is that the rule doesn’t change as the score changes!

And if you somehow don't already know, Karolina saved that match point and several others to win the set and the match! She won it with her big serves, great returns, and amazing groundstrokes-not because of any one call.

Shame on all of the commentators who forget the first rule, the rules don't change because of who is playing or what the score is!

Is it YOURS or is it MINE?

Yours or Mine wristband set

When Wristpect Sport first launched a product line we drew inspiration from the camaraderie and friendship we had experienced on the court. This led us to create a line of designs that is designed with tennis partnership in mind. We call it Partner Accessories & Best Friends.

This line is traditionally a line that appeals to a lot of ladies and sells out quickly. It is traditionally two coordinating colors and a play on partnering words like, Best/Friends, Dynamic Duo, Forehand/Backhand.

We are not sure what makes them so popular. You tell us, is it the play on words? Is it the fun colors? Is it that these designs appear to be more of a solid color rather than a multi colored design or pattern? Is it that everyone wants a little love in their wristband and these designs whether boldly or subtly highlight a heart?

Maybe it is ALL OF THE ABOVE.

Honestly we don’t allow ourselves to obsess about the why and instead we just fancy ourselves lucky for their popularity! This way we get to think up new and creative ways to incorporate friendship and camaraderie into our wristbands.

In keeping with our tradition this season we are unveiling the newest member of our Partner Accessories & Best Friends, aptly named Yours & Mine. While we are not yet ready to show and tell all, we’ve given you the name and that tells you a lot!

This set is inspired by two words you often hear or say while playing. Admittedly I say one of these words way more than the other, I think my body language makes it quite clear when I want to take a ball without me ever saying mine, or so I've been told!

In case you are wondering, we are 100% open to your ideas of friendship, camaraderie, and tennis accessorizing. Do you know of a fun play on words that you think will appeal to the tennis lover? Feel free to let us know what you would like to see in the future!