What Details Matter in Your Tennis Apparel?

Wristpectfully tennis wristband on athlete

(The "Play Your Sport with Wristpect" motto was NOT an afterthought)

This topic is one we hope to volley back and forth with you. We'll pop a volley over first and share what we think matters in tennis apparel BUT remember, we want to hear from you too!

Start by checking out the image above:

While most photoshoots would NOT involve capturing the model or the subject from behind, this capture was key for us! Sure the FRONT of our Wristpectfully wristband has some really great motion and festivity with its design and tennis racket icon BUT we went the extra mile to add a positive detail to the BACK with our: 'Play Your Sport with Wristpect' motto. So rest assured the motto AND the photo were NOT afterthoughts! 

The above motto is just one of the many details we incorporate into our products...from a 2-ply fabric construction, tennis and sport centric designs to signature packaging and more, we put heart and soul into the details. 

What Details Matter to Us Here at Wristpect Sport with Any Sport Apparel?

1. Soft, comfortable and NO scratchy fibers, zippers, buttons, seams, or the like

2. Flattering, fashionable AND functional. It's awesome to look great but the stuff has to work too!

3. The HEART and SOUL behind those DETAILS. Ahh, Grasshopper, this may be the most important element. 

Heart N Soul image shared by Wristpect Sport

Please know that we spend time on all the functional and wearable details of our wristbands but the heart n soul happen...

...when we touch each and every little piece of fabric with energy that we hope will make you smile, think confidently, steer clear of negativity and realize the privilege of tennis and sport!

It's your turn to volley. What details matter in your tennis apparel?

And by all means please tell us if there is something we can improve upon OR you would like to see with Wristpect Sport wristbands because our customers are the other part of the heart n soul of our brand!

Temperatures are heating up and so are your chances of heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heatstroke. Are you at risk?

Temperatures are heating up and so are your chances of heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heatstroke. Are you at risk?

Here at Wristpect Sport, we take sweating seriously. Our flagship product (the wristband) is one designed especially to deal with sweating while playing sports. So while we encourage everyone to enjoy playing and sweating we want you to do it responsibly!

As the heat index rises, so do the chance for heat-related illnesses like heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heatstroke. Activity levels outside, not drinking enough fluids, or certain health issues and medications all increase the chance for heat related illnesses, heatstroke being the most severe.

Heatstroke follows two less serious heat-related conditions: heat cramps followed by heat exhaustion.

Heat Exhaustion vs Heatstroke symptoms listing

The exact cause of heat cramps is unknown, but it is most likely related to electrolyte deficiencies. Various essential minerals such as sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium are known as electrolytes. Sweat contains a large amount of sodium and drinking fluids with inadequate sodium content while sweating can result in a heat cramps. Heat cramps most commonly affect the legs, arms, and abdomen. The First Aid Treatment for heat cramping begins with drinking cool sports drinks especially those with 6% or less glucose (sugar), not plain water AND you will need to rest in a cool environment for several days.

Wristpect Sport athlete wearing Forward while hydrating

(Wristpect Sport athlete wearing Forward wristband AND hydrating)

If untreated, heat cramping can become heat exhaustion. Symptoms of heat exhaustion include a headache, dizziness or lightheadedness, excessive sweating, nausea, skin that feels cool and moist, and muscle cramps. If these symptoms persist you should seek medical attention immediately.

Heatstroke is caused by the prolonged exposure to high temperatures or by doing physical activity in hot weather. (Basically if you continue to play sports after your body cramps or you begin to have a headache or nausea and do not stop to treat these signs.) In heatstroke the body temperature reaches 104 degrees or higher. Symptoms include high body temperature, lack of sweating, nausea and vomiting, flushed dry skin, rapid breathing, rapid strong heartbeat, headache, confusion, unconsciousness and muscle cramps or weakness. EMERGENCY TREATMENT IS NECESSARY: CALL 911.

At Wristpect Sport we usually say, “You are going to sweat so do it fashionably!” Today we want to remind you, “You are going to sweat so do it responsibly!”

Tennis BLING-- Receiving a Custom Painted Tennis Racket!

Tennis BLING image by Wristpect Sport

When you've played tennis a long time you feel like you have seen the lay of the land for all of the technology and latest gadgets. I've been playing since I was a junior, on into college, and beyond so I feel plugged in when it comes to tennis products. And the team here at Wristpect Sport is over joyed that we've contributed our own blast of uniqueness into the tennis world by way of our wristband products!

Recently though, I had a tennis loving friend send me not just a NEW racket but one that has been CUSTOM PAINTED with a festive paint that changes colors depending on the lighting!! And it was sent for NO OCCASION---just because! BAM! Do I have thoughtful friends or what?! 

It's the BLING-EST Tennis Item I've ever Received!

This 'sa-weeettttttt' racket (a Wilson Ultra) not only takes on a purple hue---my favorite color--it takes on deep greens and a tinge of blue! It's loaded with varying colors of pink-to-red strings on the crosses (horizontal strings) and mains (vertical strings)- and is topped off with a a pink over-grip! 

In this image I paired my NEW RACKET with our Viper Vantage wristband set due to the obvious color zen between racket and accessory. See how it takes on a purple color here?Custom painted Tennis Racket Shared by Wristpect Sport

And here, the same set of wristbands is paired...look how the green POPS off the racket when held at yet a slightly different angle! 

Custom Painted Tennis Racket shared by Wristpect Sport

Hitting with this racket is super special.

I feel like my friend Daniella (I affectionately refer to her as 'DDW' due to her initials) has provided me with a noble sword with which I can go to battle within those lined-boxes we call tennis courts! And this paint job is NOT of the novice kind. No! This paint job was done by a professional custom paint company in her Scottsdale Arizona area. But more importantly it was the local tennis store she frequents, All About Tennis, where the staff aided her in picking the racket, having it strung and facilitated the custom paint job!

Here's a picture the staff at All About Tennis took and posted on their Instagram (look how purple it is in their shot!):

All About Tennis Instagram image of Custom Painted Tennis Racket


What's the BLING-EST Tennis Item You've Received?

Comment below👇🏼OR on our Wristpect Sport Facebook page within the post related to this blog story and you could WIN a wristband pack of your choice! The BLING-EST story and item description will WIN (feel free to include a picture of your item if you like). 

And now, I leave you with an Ode to my tennis lovin' friend AND new racket:

I have a friend who 
knows who I am.
She sends me purple festive things
This time this one had strings!
It was unexpected and a joy
And it is truly the best kind of toy!
Thank you, thank you, thank you I say
My dear tennis friend has made my day!

 😍 🎾  

CPR AED do you know what they mean?

Recently I renewed my CPR AED certification. The two, CPR and AED are commonly used together to save the lives of victims of cardiac arrest. I think it would be amazing if everyone took a CPR AED class. I will admit that I might not have taken the class if my work did not require it but I am very glad I did take the class. No one ever wants to have to use this knowledge but if ever in such a situation arises; imagine how much better you would feel if you had training.

CPR AED American Heart Association card

I think everyone is familiar with CPR—Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. It is an emergency procedure that combines chest compressions often with artificial ventilation in an effort to restore spontaneous blood circulation in a person who is in cardiac arrest. It has been around for as long as I can remember. It is at the heart (pun intended) of first aid and emergency care. The American Heart Association estimates that 92,000 lives are saved because of CPR. 

You may be less familiar with what an AED – Automated External Defibrillator is. It is a device that is used to shock the heart of someone experiencing sudden cardiac arrest. These devices are commonly found in many company professional offices, country clubs, government buildings, and park and recreational facilities. They make CPR more successful and honestly easier to do because once you open it up and turn it on a voice command leads you through life saving while supplying the patient with much needed electrical stimulation. 

Here’s why an AED works:

Cardiac arrest is not the same thing as a heart attack.

Heart attack is a circulation problem where blood flow to the heart is blocked due to a problem in the circulatory system.

Cardiac arrest is an electrical problem that occurs when the heart malfunctions and stops beating unexpectedly due to the electrical system. 

AED locator app

Are you wondering if your tennis facility or work has an AED on site? Find out by downloading an app to your phone from the app store. Then click on the app and it will tell you where the nearest registered AED is located. If there is not one at your tennis facility or work, you might take the lead in advocating for one. Yours just might be the life you save with it!

SAVE Money on Your Tennis Team Accessories with Wristpect Sport

USTA 55+ 3.5 Team - Florida shared by Wristpect Sport

How to Qualify for 30% SAVINGS!

Did you know your tennis team can become sponsored to receive our accessories at a discount? We call this program, Team Tailoring.

We incorporate our knowledge of the game into each of our functional and fashionable wristbands to bring you and your teammates not only a unique look but motivation and humor as well! You'll find wristbands with:

  • Doubles partners themes
  • Motivational words
  • AND tons of fun patterns and colors
So spice up you uniform, stand united and SAVE!

To qualify for sponsorship:

  • Email us at bounceback@wristpectsport.com and request team sponsorship
  • Like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram
  • Buy 8 wristband packs or more (any style) to receive a 30% Team Tailoring discount
  • Take team photo and post it to Wristpect Sport! Wristbands Unleashed on Facebook OR Wristpect Sport on Instagram  (you may also request that we post the photo for you).

We enjoy saving you money and ask little in return via the social media and/or team photo request above: it's merely our way of wanting to share in the collective journey of tennis!

Ready to serve up some savings for your team?

Email us at: bounceback@wristpectsport.com and title your email 'Team Tailoring'

USTA 55+ 3.5 Team- Florida shared by Wristpect Sport

[USTA 55+ 3.5 League- Florida -shown wearing Arctic Tigris single wristband here and above. Thank you ladies and thank you Sue Berry (2nd from right wearing our wristband AND Cross Court Coral hat!)]

Our story today was a chance to celebrate the Team Tailoring program with the above group of ladies---you can always find the details of this program on Wristpect Sport by navigating here:

Team Tailoring Navigation by Wristpect sport

(Yours! Mine! wristband set shown here)