2019 is Fashion Forward with Wristpect Sport Tennis Accessories

2019 Fashion Forward theme by Wristpect Sport

We're full steam ahead and looking--fashion--forward to 2019!

Though we look forward in all things, sometimes ya gotta pause and look back to see how far you've come to keep your wits about ya as you stay riveted on your creative vision!

In the past few years, our wristband company has seen multiple turns of styles, growth across the country (and world) and the addition of point of purchase display units in some of the most prestigious tennis facilities in the United States! All of our wristband styles SELL OUT! Sure some sell quicker than others but regardless, they all sell out and that is a wonderful feat to achieve in the world of fashion! We have YOU to thank!

What can you look forward to with Wristpect Sport in 2019?

We can't spill all the buttons and we haven't lost our heads BUT mannequin's, fabrics, drawings and patterns have all been flying about as we watch our ideas come to life! Hint: remember the phrase/s, 'fashion forward' as you keep your 'inner peace' in this new year. And, naturally always strive to play 'Wristpectfully!'

Wristpect Sport wristbands on mannequin

SERVE UP ACE'S in 2019!

~ Your Sweat Management Engineers  

A Crate Full of Tennis Gifts- Holiday ideas 2018


Court Crate Tennis Accessories Box

It's a busy time of year! So, like a fast paced ace for match point, we're keeping it simple by sharing other holiday gift ideas for your tennis lovin' peeps--while ya still got time to give some cheer!

What if you could GIVE a Wristpect Sport wristband along with...

...a whole CRATE full of other essential, relevant, functional tennis accessories?

BOOM! Now you can with Court Crate!

Court Crate Logo shared by Wristpect Sport

Court Crate is developed by tennis players for tennis players AND "It's the first and only tennis gift box for a good cause" (Emily's Place).

Inside each box you get a Wristpect Sport double or single wristband pack AND 6-8 other essentials ranging from strings, grips, socks, hydration potions that you can lap up to keep you chasing that yellow ball AND other new discoveries. 

Court Crate whats inside

Court Crate's BIG SERVE is:


We subscribe to this creative idea and now you can subscribe here for a one-time crate purchase, OR for on-going monthly crates full of tennis goodies!

HO! HO! HO! Santa's got a new bag AND a crate full of tennis goodies!



Tennis Hostess Gifts for Holiday or Any Tennis Occasion

CHEERS to the Holiday Season!

Looking for some tennis team party gifts? Maybe something for your team captain?

Wristpect Sport wristband pack used as wine bottle adornment for tennis hostess gift

(Bottle of Erath Pinot Noir paired with Wristpect Sport Wristbands)

Check out this WONDERFUL holiday hostess gift idea from our friends at the City of Palm Beach Gardens Tennis Center! 

A Bottle of Wine with a Pack of Wristpect Sport Wristbands tied with rafia ribbon and a cute little red ornament!

Now that's being creative and festive! Think of the functionality you will be gifting: the function of a 2-ply wristband that both wicks AND absorbs sweat AND a good red (or white) wine that your hostess could pop open on the spot or pair with a forthcoming meal she is planning for holidays!

The double wristband pack pops nicely off the bottle and is offset colorfully by the rafia tie. Now, take a look at our impromptu version of our SINGLE wristband pack tied to one of our favorites, Belle Glos Clark & Telephone Pinot Noir:
Tennis Holiday Gift Ideas by Wristpect Sport & Palm Beach Gardens Tennis Ctr
It's the little things, the simple things and those done with graceful ease that make an impact during the holidays!

15 Reasons Why You'll LOVE our Tennis Accessories

It's 15-love and we're ALL winning this game AND match!

So, we thought we'd share a little strategy on the changeover and give you 15 reasons why you'll love our tennis accessories:

  1.  We're tennis players! Yay! Now you know we're not imposters
  2.  Our accessory idea came out of our minds and from the pages of a journal 
  3.  We've had 38 people tell us we should be on Shark Tank (cue the Jaws music)
Shark Tank logo image shared by Wristpect Sport4. Our wristbands are made with TWO fabrics. One to absorb the other to wick
5. Retro themed images of the founders of the company appear on our signature packaging envelope. Where's Waldo? 

6. Our wristband patterns & colors are jointly created out of our minds AND those of our graphic artists

7. Our double wristband packs offer TWO wristbands w/ different multi colored patterns that compliment each other resulting in mileage for your wardrobe

8. Our single wristband packs are always created with black, white and grey neutrals but fashion forward patterns. They're like the perfect little black dress
9. Our tennis accessories are sold all across the world
10. We believe if you're playing your sport with gusto you should be sweating no matter the climate

(Our version of a wristband Snow Angel)

Wristpect Sport Wristbands shown in winter snow
 11. We're dog lovers (but have also owned cats)
 12. We've met Billie Jean King and Bethanie Mattek Sands along our journey in             sport fashion
 13. We've created tennis-centric tops that tennis teams use as part of their          uniforms
Wristpect Sport Tennis AnyWON Tank tops on tennis team

14. If your team or event is compelling enough, we'll more than likely extend a volume discount to you (just ask... bounceback@wristpectsport.com)

Volume Discount on Tennis Accessories by Wristpect Sport

15. We think the word RESPECT and WRISTPECT are key in this world

Let us know if you'd like MORE reasons Why You Will Like our Tennis Accessories 'cause we enjoy what we're doing and could easily keep going with our list!


Chasing Tennis & Tennis Fashion in NYC

Since this years 2018 US OPEN was EPIC on so many levels: Osaka, umpire rulings, sweltering heat and Bethanie Mattek-Sands first MAJOR win since her injury, we wanted to remember the trip with some raw footage.

We keep chasing tennis fashion and finding inspiration everywhere--all so we can bring you BOO-YA tennis accessories.