Is Your Tennis Wristband Game Strong? This Video is All About the Wristband Train!

Tennis Fashion Train with link to video by Wristpect Sport

Here's a nugget of video we captured while watching the recent 2019 US Open Mixed doubles semi-final match with Bethanie Mattek-Sands and Jamie Murray. It encapsulates 3 of the key ingredients of a successful tennis doubles partnership:

Reading your partners mind.

Flying your fashion & colors.

Having FUN! 

If you've been working in the yard too much or are slightly delirious from the summer heat, we'll tell you that Bethanie and Jamie went on to WIN the Mixed Doubles finals thus making it back-to-back US Open wins (2018 and 2019)!

Naturally after watching this video, we hope you ask yourself:

Is My Wristband Game Strong?

If it's not, we won't 'pity the fool' like Mr T used to say we just want you to get a ticket, zip through the turnstyle and...

...board the Wristpect Sport fashion wristband train!

NOTE: Bethanie actually mixed TWO of our popular double wristband packs together to offset her Lucky in Love US Open red, white and blue pledge of fashion! 

CLICK HERE for the Stars and Stripes

CLICK HERE for Crimson Tide 

Folks Bethanie is the real deal! We thank her for her belief in us not only as people but in our unique product, AND for her wonderful spirit in tennis AND life!

Are You Wearing Wristbands When You Play Tennis & Pickleball?

This may be the image that flashes in your mind when you

think of typical WRISTBANDS...

...and you may feel compelled to leave...


This is a brief article (not to be confused with an article on men's briefs😛) about a different kind of wristband.

So, whether you ARE wearing wristbands when you play tennis or pickleball, or you have yet to try a wristband, we hope to bear all (not the naked kind) on what makes Wristpect Sport wristbands different!

  1. We couldn't stand to see those little pieces of fabric that typical wristbands were made with continue to be pumped out with little regard for design and mostly made for men (as shown above).
  2. And it wasn't o.k. to have cheap scratchy terry cloth material lose its shape and show little unwanted loops of uneven sewing! 

It may seem odd that we felt called to both celebrate the mopping of sweat and design something more fashionable but someone had to do it!

So how did we make the wristband more fashionable and MORE functional?

We sandwiched TWO FABRICS together --not because we were hungry but because we landed on a way to design the patterns and colors of the wristband any way we wanted while ALSO allowing it to both absorb AND wick sweat! Ta-Da!

Wristpect Sport 2-fabric construction image with tennis player

None of this makes us rocket scientists or noble prize recipients but we are the people behind (not that 'behind') Wristpect Sport.

We're here for YOU---the tennis player!

YOU---the pickleball player!

And YOU--- the sweat lovin' guy or gal!

Tennis player wearing Fashion wristband by Wristpect Sport

(Tennis player wearing Fashion wristband from the Fashion Forward wristband set)

Pickleball player wearing Wristpect Sport wristband

(Pickleball player AND tennis lover shown wearing Graffiti wristband from the Graffiti Garden wristband set). 

Yes, while we predominately make female inspired designs and patterns we do have gender neutral patterns that plenty of guys love! And we hear Will Ferrell is quite a tennis player-- so join us in adding the hashtag #WillFerrellWearOurWristbands to your social media posts! 😆

Will Ferrel playing tennis


Serve & Volley Tennis- a Thing of Beauty!

Couch image shared by Wristpect Sport

The other evening I jumped off the couch to stand in front of the TV to watch what I was seeing CLOSER!

And there it was, a SERVE AND VOLLEY female tennis player on my television set!

And not just any female player, it was Taylor Townsend from the United States playing and beating Simona Halep in the US Open! I was literally moved---from couch to standing--- by Taylor's stellar display of serve and volley! It was as if I wanted to be at the net with her too! I'd never seen anything like it since the days of Martina Navratilova--one of my first tennis idols (along with Bethanie Mattek Sands, one of my current idols).

I play serve and volley and if you don't, or are still learning how to play this style of tennis you'll find it is an adrenaline inducing form of play! It's like the bungee cord to the bungee jumper...the zip to the line in zip lining. 

Serve and Volley Tennis is Just that Exhilarating!

And there was Taylor Townsend doing it 106 times in ONE match! I was smitten. I was beaming...

...I wanted to run outside and scream with joy!

Taylor Townsend image

Ladies and gentlemen this was top notch tennis! Duh, Taylor is a pro player it should be good.

But this was like silk mixed with fire mixed with goose bumps

and I loved it!

And Taylor didn't just approach the net after serving, she sought out the net anytime she could like she was after her favorite blankie from her childhood. The NET is where she feels comfortable, relaxed and safe. Most do not think of the net as safety in tennis but it is my safe haven as well. And when you play it, you will realize it is indeed a thing of beauty!

Writing this, I realize life is also lived AT THE NET! Going to the net is similar to the desire to move forward in life. And, at the net, you can look another in the eye--respectfully. You can bear your authentic genuine character at the net. And you can shake hands and be touched by another soul. 

Upon reading this please:

  1. Try SERVE and VOLLEY if you have not 
  2. If you HAVE tried it, do it MORE!
  3. And tell your kids, grandma and neighbor to serve and volley---it's a way of life!

      Click here to find more on Taylor Townsend 

      View this video to see Taylor in action at the net!

      This video does not show Taylor serve and volleying but is sums up her play rather well and with flair from these two gentleman:

       ...and off I go to the net!




      US OPEN Fashion Hits and Misses!

      Today in my email inbox up popped this headline from USTA’s Best of Baseline: Serena Leads Fashion Aces from the 2019 US Open. I have to ask, is this for real? Are they serious?

      Serena Williams and headline about fashion aces

      The problem I have with this headline is that it will encourage NIKE and Serena to continue to be outrageous. Outrageous you say? Yes! My question to NIKE is this, “Do you seriously think there are enough consumers out there to make this a sales contender?” In my opinion there are not enough people world wide to pitch Serena’s tennis attire as something to wear.

      serena williams black body suit 2019 us open


      And yet they do. USTA's editor described Serena's dress as flattering with full sleeves and a veiled see-through bust. Available in a night session black version "(which forsook the skirt in favor of a straight-up body suit)." Yes, 'forsook the skirt'!! 

      Here are other NIKE choices and these are items I can see on club players. Though admittedly if they have the propensity to expose the midriff they are not likely to be worn a lot.

      MadisonKeys and Daria wearing nike 2019 US OPEN attire

      American Caty McNally burst onto the scene taking Serena Williams to 3 sets. She looked great in her mesh backed Adidas mint top and black shorts but alas not many club gals are able to pull this look off either.

      caty mcnally wearing adidas

      Last but not least America's newest phenom Coco Gauff sported her NewBalance attire with the grace of a much more seasoned player.

      Coco Gauff wearing new balance 2019 us open

      And if you did not know it, take a closer look at the distinct pattern. It is pictures of the overhead views of tennis courts! 

      Ben Rothernberg tweet on Coco Gauff's new balance outfit from the 2019 us open

      Tennis is not all about the fashion. Truly it's all about the tennis! But there is a lot to be said about common sense and decency when one chooses what they wear. My dad was famous for letting us make our clothing choices growing up.  All he would say to voice his disapproval was, "well if you want to look like that."  So all I will say is this, feel free to wear anything from Serena's NIKE closet as long as that is what you want to look like! 


      Are you at the US OPEN this year?

      us open banner

      The US Open Tennis Championships started this week on Monday, August 26; last week was the qualifying tournament and everyone really started gearing up for it then!

      Some players already knew they had earned their spot and that week was spent with rest mixed in with their training. For others, they used that week to play in the qualifying tournament to try to earn a spot in the big event. For native New Yorkers and for many tennis fans that week is a coveted time for them to run around the venue watching a lot of great tennis for free.

      One such native is my nephew Aidan. His love of the game of tennis is unparalleled and his knowledge of the players amazes me. In 2016 I had my first and only experience in person at the US Open. Aidan played tour guide for me and he led me from courtside to courtside pointing out the players we were passing even when they were in street attire! I had such a great time I even wrote about it in a blog I titled: The best guide ever to the US Open.

      Honestly it was so great it’s been hard to think about going back for fear I’ll be disappointed. Not Aidan, he’s gone every year for most of his life! It used to be he was smaller than the players, now he’s several inches taller! Check out this side by side of a past photo with one from this year.

      JovanaJaakic with Aidan at the US Open

      Pictured above: Jovana Jaksic and Aidan

      This year he sent me a clip from when he watched Wristpect Sport favorite Bethanie Mattek-Sands. Although she did not make it through the qualies to earn a singles spot in this years’ Open; keep on the lookout for her in doubles. Last year she and Jamie Murray took home the title in mixed!

      So whether or not you decided to head to NY for this years’ Open or watch it on TV, you can bet that it will be filled with highs and lows, both in weather and emotion, lots of great tennis, and perhaps an upset or two. Maybe those upsets have already happened?