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I am competitive. Ask anyone who knows me and they will ALL agree on that one thing about me. Being born third out of 4 kids helped to foster the need to compete, at least that is what I think.

Now that I am beyond the age of well---let’s just say puberty, I am less inclined to need formal competition and more inclined to enjoy friendly competition. (It is a slippery slope, the line between formal and friendly competition for sure but one I am navigating regularly these days.) That said, I chuckle because I am currently in 4 different tennis leagues so exactly how well can I say that I am navigating?

four friends showing off wristpect sport sweatbands

I'd say well enough to take a moment to stop and enjoy the fact that on this one evening I am playing tennis with 3 of my friends and low and behold we all have on a Wristpect Sport! wristband! And it gets better since we are all wearing different ones! And it was totally unplanned.

There are many, many, many, fun things about being a part of a start up company for sure, but one thing is being out and about and seeing other people with my products on their wrists. Now I did say up front that these ladies are my friends and so having them wear my products is not exactly a surprise. But it is a nice compliment and not one that I take for granted. I am very fortunate to have such nice and supportive friends.

At Wristpect Sport we are always looking for ways to grow and expand our audience. We are currently considering the idea of giving away some wristbands to people who post about how they wear their Wristpect Sport wristbands or what they wear them with. Give us a shout out on Facebook, comment on this blog, or post a picture of yourself like mine, and you can be one of those wristband winners!

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We would LOVE to share some tennis love with you!

Who is the unsung hero of any professional tennis match?

Like most tennis players I enjoy watching the professional tennis. Mostly I watch on TV. Every now and again I do have a chance to watch in person and as is true with all sporting events, live is different experience. Recently while at a live event I took notice of the tournament crew. Without the crew the players would be left to play like us recreational players, making their own calls and retrieving their own balls.

Chair umpire BNP Paribas Indian Wells California

While the ball kids and the line judges as well as the security people are all important I think the chair umpire takes precedence as the key person. So to the point, I think the chair umpire at a tennis match is the unsung hero.

In order to have the seat of my choice, I arrived at the tennis court an hour before the tennis match was scheduled to begin. Guess who arrived at that time as well? If your answer was the chair umpire you are right. So between the umpire and all the line judges and security they all set about prepping the court for the arrival of the players. Prepping the court you say, what prep work is there? Let me tell you, apparently sometimes that means picking up dead bugs, moving live bugs, setting out player towels, tissues, balls, water, other hydration beverages and bananas. The chair also has to set up the electronics for scoring and ensuring that all electronics are in working order.

Chair umpire picking up bugs on the court at Indian Wells BNP Paribas

Once the ball kids arrive the Chair tells them specifically what he/she expects and when the players arrive it is the Chair’s job to tell them how the match will be scored and to perform the coin toss. Here are the coins that I saw used by 3 different chair umpires.

Coins used for tossing at Indian Wells BNP Paribas

After the coin toss the Chair climbs to her perch and proceeds to let the audience know how the match would be scored and then who the players are and where they are from. Every match is begun with just one word; play. Each point, each challenge and every game was announced along with directing ball kids to chase after bugs, calling for coaches and trainers to come when players request them.

Chair Umpire tossing the coin at BNP Paribas Indian Wells California

Most of the time a chair umpire stays unnoticed and for the most part unappreciated by everyone. So next time you are watching a little professional tennis, take note of the chair umpire and all that they do. You’ll see too that when they do their job well the deception is that they are hardly working. But isn’t that what a professional does, make it look easy?


How do you wear a wristband?

The sweatband was originally invented by tennis and sportswear legend Fred Perry in order to be able to absorb the sweat from his face and from his arm(s) on the court while playing. Tennis players all over the world have been wearing wristbands for ever since. For most elite players, wristbands are a vital tool for fighting the sweat that drips down the arm to the wrist, or to wipe away the sweat traveling down their foreheads.

A good many of the top pro tennis players like Bethanie Mattek-Sands wear wristbands for good reason. Many recreational players like me use them too. For a long time wristbands came in one color, white. It's only been in the last 10 years or so that anyone has worn  wristbands that are pigmented. Wristpect Sport wristbands have colors, patterns, and designs!

Wristpect Sport! wristbands are both a tennis fashion statement AND a tool that works. Here’s how I wear them:

Step 1

viper vantage wristband showing inside out

I choose a wristband like Viper&Vantage that cordinates with my attire. There are other wristbands but Wristpect Sport! wristbands are 80% cotton and 20% spandex. They are fun and coordinate well with EVERYTHING. I sweat a lot and my Wristpect Sport wristband can handle it!           

Step 2

PrimalColors wristband set on Katy

I pull my wristband down my forearm to the end of my wrist. I do not cover my wrist completely, as I must keep maneuverability in my hand. I keep my wristband in the appropriate spot, so my wristband will absorb the sweat trickling down my arm and keep my hand dry. 

Step 3

Alley wristband

I use my wristband to wipe the sweat from my forehead and face. When playing a match or practicing, sweat will roll down my forehead and ultimately into my eyes. I wipe away the sweat as often as necessary.


Step 4

CrimsonTide wicking image

When I sweat, my Crimson&Tide wristband absorbs it. Other wristbands get  soggy and loose. WS! wristbands have an extra outer layer of Sweat-Ban™ material. This outer layer that wipes the face stays fresh and dry no matter how much sweat is absorbed by the terry under side.

I keep extra WS! wristbands in my MaggieMather bag in case my partner or a teammate forgets to bring hers!

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Motivational Wristbands for Tennis & Sports

How do you motivate yourself? Maybe you simply set a goal then shatter it? Maybe you buy the new racket after you win that particular tournament? Maybe you stay on court and hit a whole cart full of tennis balls until you can finally grasp AND possess the slice serve out wide?

Now, how do you motivate your doubles partner or tennis team?

  • Food, wine and bribes are always good!
  • Or, maybe you pep talk on the change overs?
  • Give slap happy (and we DO mean slap AND happy) solid high fives that have FIRE in them and are timed just right in the match!

All of the above are GREAT ways to motivate yourself and others!

We believe it's in what we say and the right word or words-- timed correctly-- that resonate with all athletes--all people.

At Wristpect Sport we genuinely love the art of the spoken and written word! So much so that we have incorporated word play right into the landscape or our fashionable wristband designs.

Words and phrases like these shown here: 

Tennis Ball Word Art

Now see how those same words translate to our absorbent wicking lush sweatband fabrics here:

 Wristpect Sport Motivational Wristbands

To share a positive motivational word with a partner or teammate at just the right moment can really make an impact---and not just on the court! It could be a word they needed to hear in their minds in general!

This spring, consider starting the season on court or in the gym by sharing wonderful motivational words! And remember, our wristbands can be worn over and over so that positive word or phrase serves as a reminder and sticks with your teammates match after match!

Shop current Motivational Wristbands

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Finally, stay tuned for our NEW additions to our current collection of wristband word-play coming soon.