What can make having a tennis weekend with girl friends even more fun?

So, what makes having a tennis weekend with girl friends even more fun? Winning is of course the #1 answer. Making great memories sharing dinner, drinks, a birthday, and retirement are 5 more good answers. Still there is another great answer, seeing ladies who love tennis love wearing and sharing Wristpect Sport wristbands! And I did some of all of that!

corpus christi little state

This past weekend I was in Corpus Christi for Little State. It is a tournament tied to USTA Texas Section, created for teams that just missed qualifying for Sectional Championships. I went with 10 teammates from our Ft. Worth league team.

On our first day, we got to the Texas A&M Corpus Christi campus to play our match a little early. (I may have been a little nervous) So we watched the ladies with earlier matches finish. Watching tennis is fun and it doesn’t even have to be professional caliber, and it’s made more so watching with teammates! The ladies we watched finished and the team decided to take a team picture. They asked me if I would take it for them so they could all be in it. I did but after taking the picture I couldn’t help myself, I had to ask the lady I watched about her Wristpect Sport wristbands. She told me she loved them and had purchased them in a shop in the Woodlands, TX!

corpus Christi

Pictured Jessica/Jleaf retired

At that point my best friend and tennis partner revealed to them that I was one of the owners of Wristpect Sport (the company that made her wristbands). Well after that her teammates asked me all about how I got into this business and wanted to know if I had any on me! I just happened to have brought a few with me and I sold them all within 5 minutes!

Now what I find super interesting is that the wristband set this nice lady from Houston was wearing was one of our very first designs and has since been retired. So I’d say it’s held up ok. (At least 4 years)

Some days I love what I do and other days I really love it! All in all tennis adds a lot of joy to my life and combining that with an entrepreneurial effort means at least twice the joy! (Most of the time)

Cute Tennis Accessories ~ Serious Tennis

As athletes and proficient tennis players, our mission when we started Wristpect Sport was to be cute BUT not too cute! Why?

Because as multi-dimensional peeps, we have that die-hard, serious athletic instinct yet fashion loving, cute but not too cute sense all rolled into one! And we never confuse the two. We just know how cute we want something to look in our brand while we temper that with the very important aspect of serious function.

Thus our wristbands and sweatbands fuse a fashionable aesthetic along with a functional component to manage sweat, better! 

All of our sponsored athletes from every level (pro, junior and club) seem to have this same fusion of cute but not too cute! Take for example Savannah Broadus. She plays junior tennis at the girls 16's level, she's ranked very high, and she is for sure, cute BUT Savannah plays SERIOUS TENNIS!

Watch our quick visit with Savannah (while training at the Lakes Tennis Academyas she discusses her upcoming ITF Pro Circuit tournament. You'll see the Wristpect Sport wristbands she selected--to pair with her tennis attire-- for the this event. Because, Savannah does after all want to look good on court as she continues her way up the ranks in junior tennis with eyes set --ultimately-- on serious collegiate and pro level play!

Click here to learn more about the ITF event 

Sponsored tennis athlete holding Wristpect Sport tennis wristbands and sweatbands

   (Savannah shown wearing Kaleidoscope wristband while holding (left to right) Alley wristband single and Diamond Courtz double wristband pack)   

We appreciate Savannah and her family and are cheering for her during this weeks event, and in all that she does! 


What kind of towel do you use when you play tennis? -- 2.0

Can one say too much about tennis towels? Probably and I’m just the one to try!

US OPEN tennis towels

True story: One of the ladies I play tennis with is a pro tournament towel magnet. (Judy do you recognize yourself?) I have seen her posts on Facebook from the US Open and BNP Indian Wells to name just two, of her showing off the towels that were handed to her from players. I’m not kidding you; the players just love her! Yes I’m jealous! Granted I haven’t attended nearly the number of tournaments she has, nor have I been in the on court seats that she has so kinda hard to get a towel if I’m not there like she is. I’ve only ever bought the towel from the pro tournament or been given one by a friend that goes and she bought them. (Almost as good as getting one from a player)

Last year I while watching coverage of Wimbledon, Brad Gilbert spoke on how he has a player towel from Wimbledon for every year since he has played there. In fact he’s traded towels to have both the men and women’s towels. He does what it takes to get as many as he can and it’s some fun game he plays with other guys from the tour.

This year while listening to the coverage of Wimbledon this year I heard MaryJo Fernandez say that she uses her Wimbledon towels in her guest bathrooms. (Guessing her guests may include some former Wimbledon Champions!)

Those player towels are awesome towels. Full, plush, and memorable! One year my doubles partner and I were invited to play in the Simply the Best tournament hosted by the Texas USTA Section in Austin. Here is the towel that we all received as ‘players’! It has been stored away so as not to be ruined or lost and will now be used in my continuing effort to stay out of my towel funk!

Simply the Best Masters towel

What is your favorite towel? Is it your favorite because it was a gift? Did you earn it or win it? Is it oversized, hand towel sized? Is it like a loofah or soft and plush? Feel free to comment here on what you think makes for the best tennis towel! And maybe let us know if you think we should make a towel!

Loyalty to Tennis Fashion & Function Runs Deep

Loyalty image composition by Wristpect Sport

A dear customer (who is also a dear friend) recently sent us a a very real world 'day in the life of a tennis addict' --picture. It came via text and out of the blue. As I viewed the picture--which made me feel as if I were standing in her laundry room peering into the basin of her wash machine--the idea of loyalty popped into my head! In fact, inside my head I literally heard the phrase:

Do you know your loyal ones?

Wash Machine basin with multiple Wristpect Sport tennis wristbands

Now, how does a wash machine image relate to loyalty? Our friend had taken the time to show us her double digit count of Wristpect Sport wristbands in the bottom of her wash machine--all spiffy and clean and gleaming amid the silver basin lining. BAM! Her simple gesture made me think of the loyalty she displays not only in her love of tennis and tennis fashion but as a friend and person. I mean who takes the time to send pictures of their dirty laundry (okay, it was clean laundry). This gesture in turn activated my business mind and I scanned the many customers that have shown us loyalty by:

  • their taking time to send pictures to us of their personal tennis journey 
  • their repeat purchases of our fashion-forward wristbands
  • their genuine enjoyment of tennis and sport fashion

The phrase, 'do you know your loyal ones' is a good one for life.

Ask yourself, who are those friends and souls in your life that are your loyal ones?

True loyalty comes not through someone merely 'liking' you, not because they buy your product BUT because that particular person is consistent in their behavior, genuine in their approach, and most importantly believes in all of YOU. They believe in your endeavors, your goals, your goofy, sometimes messy, sometimes OCD, loud, sensitive, athletic, creative self. And you...you return that loyalty.

So you see, a simple picture of fashionable tennis wristbands-- in the basin of a wash machine-- from a tennis fashion loving friend can run deep and be ever so meaningful!

Here's to the loyal one's that have believed in Wristpect Sport and the people behind it!

What kind of towel do you use when you play tennis?

tournament towels

I saw this picture of a friend on Facebook and it made me wonder about how many tennis towels I have. I went to my linen closet looked at my stacks and decided I would estimate at 25. That said I really only use the top few in the stack. Convenience obviously (top of the stack) dictates my usage. It made me think that there had to be a better way to determine my towel usage!

Here’s the thing, all of my tennis towels have some meaning. Some of them were given out by tournaments that I entered, some were awarded as prizes for winning or being the ‘bridesmaid’, some were gifts, and others I purchased. All of them are meant for on the court. I rarely use the really nice ones (the extra special ones) because I think might lose them or damage them. So because of that, many of those really nice towels stay safe and sound in my linen closet leaving me to use the not so special towels for everyday use. So I NEVER use the super nice towels. Wait what?

Has that happened to you? Have you ‘saved’ your special or unique tennis towel for special matches only to find that you forget to use them or are afraid you might lose them or damage them?

Wimbledon towel

So this summer season I have made an effort to get out of my towel funk and actually USE my ‘special’ towels and enjoy them. You know what? They are really good towels and I really do enjoy them! My personal favorites in these really hot months have been my oversized towels. They are super soft and can really handle my summer sweat! For the first time since I owned my Wimbledon towel—a gift from my BF and it bears my initials, I pulled it out of the linen closet and used it as often as I could keep it clean every time I was on the court. Now it wasn’t magical, and I did not suddenly play like Chrissy, or Martina, or Serena, but I really enjoyed using it. (Which is the point of a gift right?) Now I’ve pulled out my US Open towels and will rotate using them.

Now in case you wondered, I still wear my Wristpect Sport wristbands and they still are invaluable for the in-between point sweat mopping and no other wristband does fashion better than one of our wristbands unleashed! It’s just during the really hot months here in Texas (May-September) I need the help of a good toweling in-between games!

JayciGoldsmith wiping face with infinity

Jayci Goldsmith pictured mopping sweat with Infinity