Savannah Broadus- Rising National Junior Tennis Player & Sponsored Wristpect Sport Athlete

Savannah Broadus Tennis Player in action
(Savannah shown pairing our Spring Break wristband set with her colorful tennis apparel)

Being entrenched in the game of tennis and sports affords our brand the chance to meet tons of people! Some we encounter along our journey just have that SPARK! Or, maybe it's better to say, they ARE the spark?!!

14 year old Savannah Broadus is indeed a spark! She's immediately engaging with her smile, bright eyes and athletic build. Then watch her on court and it's clear she has tennis acumen that makes her a top junior player to watch here in Texas AND nationally!

Savannah started playing at the age of 5 then competed in her first tournament at 8 years old at the beloved, Little Mo tournament. When she reached the age of 11, Savannah finished third at the Little Mo Nationals! Quickly during the 12 and under age bracket she climbed to #1 in Texas and #2 in the nation. Savannah's grit and desire for pursuing tennis continues...

Savannah's Stats:
  • Right Handed- living in north Texas
  • Current Texas rankings: #3 in 14U and #8 in 16U 
  • Current National ranking: #17 14U
  • Trains at The Lakes Tennis Academy (Frisco, TX) under Dave Licker
  • Accomplishments/Awards: Silver Ball winner National Clay Courts Florida (doubles). Sportsmanship Award Eve Zimmerman Tournamaet Standord University
The photos shown here of Savannah came during our second meeting where we officially welcomed her to the Wristpect Sport team and conducted a photo shoot of her wearing our wristbands. The energy we felt with this 14 year old AND her mother during the shoot was like 'hand in glove' (or for us, 'wristband on wrist!') We smiled, joked, and even danced our way through the shoot with a positive vibe and touch of funky attitude. It's as if we'd played doubles and known each other for a long time! 

Savannah currently enjoys our wristbands not only as a sweat accessory and pop of color but as a functional accessory she can use to discreetly hide a wrist brace she temporarily wears on her playing hand due to a recent strain.

Savannah Broadus wearing Wristpect Sport Forehand Backhand wristbands

(Savannah shown wearing our Forehand Backhand WINNER wristband set)

Outside of tennis, Savannah is an avid dog lover. She also enjoys hanging with her friends AND watching her big brother's tennis team at the University of Notre Dame! And let it be known that Savannah's mom also has a deep tennis background having played at TCU and now currently teaching/coaching tennis also in the north Texas area. Thanks Broadus family and welcome aboard Savannah!

Savannah Broadus goofing around with Wristpect Sport tennis accessories brand

 (Savannah giving a little love shout out to her mom during the photo shoot)

Sparky Anderslam - Roller Derby Skater & Wristpect Sport Sponsored Athlete

Sparky Anderslam Roller Derby Jammer photo shared by Wristpect Sport

(Sparky is shown wearing our Kaleidoscope wristband single at left and our Infinity wristband single at right)

O.k., roll with us on this analogy: If Roller Derby were given a music classification it would be, heavy metal head banger and if tennis were given one many would catalog it in the classical genre. Am I 'right-ish' on this comparison?

So how in the world did Wristpect Sport (primarily a tennis based company) collide with an athlete in the sport of Roller Derby? Elementary my Dear Watson!

Sport is sport and sweat is sweat!

And hey, many female athletes like fashionable products to make sweating look good!

Enter Sparky Anderslam (that's her derby moniker) a roller derby skater from Michigan playing on the Bath City's A-Team, better known as the Bath City Bath Bombers. Sparky reached out to us because her sport is HOT and she wanted something to help mop sweat. In came an email with the name 'Sparky' and a description of her position as Jammer:

"I'm 36 and I've been jamming for almost 6 years. Jammers are the point scorers in the game and if you were to compare derby to a football game, the jammer IS the football itself. Your product would definitely be used in my sport so I'd love to find out more about being an ambassador and possibly gain sponsorship for my team."

BOOM! We were hooked. How could you not be?! And through our correspondence we've learned Sparky has a great sense of humor, is a family gal AND is a teacher! She's for sure teaching us about a sport we know nothing about but are captivated by!

Sparky Anderslam Roller Derby Jammer in action shared by Wristpect Sport

(Above, Sparky sports our Wristpect-Love wristband single) 

Sparky's Stats:

  • 6 years of derby experience
  • Position: Jammer
  • Jersey, #11
  • State participating in: Michigan
  • Skates for Bath City Bath Bombers
  • Skate site: Joe Dumar's Fieldhouse- Shelby Township, MI
  • Team ranking (state of Michigan) as of 2016, #4
  • Bath City finished 2016 season undefeated
  • Sparky's team will participate in the October 2016 Division 1 tourney
  • Sparky is required to wear: a helmet, knee, elbow and wrist guards along with a mouthpiece. She also opts to wear a chest guard, face guard and ankle guards.
  • Instagram: Meaganvanover
  • Facebook: Sparky Anderslam
  • Web Address: Bath City Roller Girls
  • Facebook: bcrollergirls

Interesting Derby Facts:

  • Roller Derby is the #1 growing sport in the US 
  • In addition to national and world championship levels, an Olympic inclusion is being discussed.
  • Roller Derby was televised in the 70's and was all about showmanship. Today's derby is about athleticism and empowerment.
  • Sport's governing body: WFTDA (Women's Flat Track Association)

We're excited to follow Sparky and her team and further our knowledge of this sport! We welcome the chance to share our product on top roller derby shopping sites and ask those store owners to reach out to us at:

This Today Show video of young girls and their view of roller derby will bring you into the 'know' a bit more about the sport's appeal to females AND make you smile!




    Matt Hunt- Promising International Junior Tennis Player

    British junior tennis player Matt Hunt serving at baseline      British junior tennis player Matt Hunt in action on tennis court wearing Wristpect Sport spirit wristband

    (Matt shown wearing Wristpect sport 'Spirit' wristband from the 'Free Spirit' set)

    When a 16 year old young man defines himself as 'a role model and respected by younger people' and your company is built around the word respect, it really is cause to smile! And smile we did when Matt Hunt of Shropshire, England wrote to us in quest of a Wristpect Sport! tennis sponsorship.

    Matt has been playing tennis for 11 years, and has even played at Wimbledon against some of his own country's best juniors! It was Wimbledon that reinforced his passion to one day becoming a professional tennis coach. How many 16 year old kids do you know that take the time AND have the desire and patience to coach kids younger than themselves? Well, that's what Matt does in and amongst chasing his own tennis goals! When reflecting on his love of coaching others, Matt further defines himself as 'a positive and confident player and coach; I have helped to inspire and encourage others to join in with the sport that I love.' Impressive young man!

    Matt's Stats:

    * Right handed

    * Title holder in both singles and doubles, U16 & U18

    * Competitor at Road to Wimbledon Competition

    * Coached by Holly Mowling

    * Qualified Assistant Coach via completion of Level 1 Coaching Courses

    * Currently uses Babolat Pure Aero Play

    * Goal: to become a professional tennis coach

     Welcome aboard Matt!


    Kamryn Taub - Rising National Junior Tennis Player



    Wristpect Sport sponsored junior tennis player Kamryn Taub wearing Tennis AnyWON performance top and World wristband

    (Kamryn Taub shown wearing Wristpect Sport Tennis AnyWON top and tie-dye inspired 'World' wristband from the 'World-Peace' wristband set)

    Tennis players can grab our attention on court due to powerful play, their fashion, or the like. And sometimes a player can grab the attention of a sponsor -like Wristpect Sport!- when they use these words: 'I woke up this morning and decided to take a risk." 

    These are the words Kamryn Taub of California wrote to us in her impassioned email requesting Wristpect Sport sponsorship. Kamryn further grabbed us when she stated she is currently 17 years old BUT had only just begun tennis at age 14! Some of us on staff also started the game in our late teens, and some of us started even later. Either way, we respect Kamryn's having been able to start at 14 and go on to WIN her area's (Sacramento Area Tennis Association) age group within one year! At 16, she quickly sought higher levels of competition and began playing up in the girl's 18's age group. It was there that Kamryn went from, no tourney experience, and a virtual unknown in junior tennis, to being in the top 150 in her division. 

    Kamryn's Stats

    • Right handed- living in Folsom, CA
    • Pre time off due to injury, Kamryn was ranked #1 in the Sacramento Area Tennis Association and 150 in her section
    • Goal: to play professional tennis

    Kamryn has tons of other interests outside of tennis but she focuses mostly on her desire to play professional tennis by being an excellent student via a local charter school; which affords her more flexibility and time on the tennis courts. And, she holds a high GPA and has even begun taking some college courses. 

    While Kamryn's email to us was about seeking Wristpect Sport sponsorship she humbly recognized in that same note that she 'really has everything she needs for her tennisan amazing coach, great support, and all the supplies…EXCEPT for a wristband.' And just like that Kamryn's 'risk' to approach us paid off; we realized we had a player who is clever yet respects the privilege of tennis and understands she really does have it all! Kamryn Taub GET'S IT! She get's that she is fortunate. That will carry her far in both tennis and life!  Welcome aboard Kamryn!

    Kamryn Taub- junior tennis player shown wearing Wristpect Sport U.S. flag wristband

    (Here Kamryn is shown wearing our United States inspired flag wristband

    from the 'Free-Spirit' wristband set)


    (P.S., we have another Wristpect Sport sponsored athlete to thank for introducing Kamryn to our unique products…Felix Mischker)


    Evie Chester- Promising International Junior Tennis Player

    Wristpect Sport shares an image of Evie Chester  Wristpect Sport Sponsored Tennis athlete Evie Chester

    Who's five years old, pint sized, playful and has a sister named Poppy? Why Evie Chester from Lancashire UK of course! 

    Sometimes you just get charmed by the spirit of children, especially those that seemingly have a little extra desire to dream big, play big and go for it! Our eye caught little Evie Chester walloping tennis balls via videos posted on her (and her 3 year old sister, Poppy’s) Instagram page (‘chester_sisters’). The identifiable red and yellow USTA transition foam balls (designed for younger players) were taking a beating as we watched Evie being trained carefully yet, professionally by ‘someone’ off camera. That ‘someone’ was good ol’ dad, Scott Chester.

    Scott, along with others, could see that Evie had the knack for tennis at a very young age. So while Scott fueled the fun via social media, we continued to get hooked watching this adorable little girl and her love for the game. So it was easy to follow our instincts as athletes and lead with our hearts as people, and make Evie Chester, a Wristpect Sport athlete!

    We're not surprised that the British tennis network says Evie could be a ‘future star’ we're just here to celebrate Evie's love of the game and her innate joy of just being a kid; playing in her garden, house and at the local tennis courts!

    Simply put, we are smitten with Evie Chester, her family and the idea of human potential.

    Evie’s Stats:

    • Right hander living and training in Lytham, Lancashire UK
    • Started tennis roughly at 3 years old 
    • Trains at the Lytham Tennis Club, AND in her house and garden!
    • Coached by her dad, Scott Chester
    • Accomplishments: WON her first tourney recently at the South Ribble Tennis Center...a U8 tournament (for those that don't' know, 'U8' means she played against kids EIGHT years old or younger) where she beat a few boys along the way.

      We were endeared when Evie's 'Mum' told us that Evie has a great sense of humor and likes to pretend she is her favorite player, Novak Djokovic. We were further captivated when we found out the serve is Evie's favorite shot to practice and that she was once caught in front of the computer scribbling serious strategy notes on the many court strategies of Maria Sharapova!

      From looking forward to playing doubles with her little sister, Poppy, to her love of school and tennis, Evie Chester is off to a great start in sport and life!

       (At left, Evie shown wearing our Dynamic Duo wristband set. At right, our Dot Calm wristband set)