Katy Gehring- accomplished junior tennis player

Katy Gehring- accomplished junior tennis player  

Katy is a local to our Wristpect Sport headquarters offices in North Texas. We always welcome and cherish supporting hometown folk and athletes like her; it's a win-win for everyone. Similar to some of our own WS employees, we're particularly fond of the fact that Katy started tennis a little on the 'later' side (compared to the 'norm' for junior tennis). Since her start at age 11, Katy continues training and competing:

Katy's Stats:

  • Right hander living in North Texas area
  • USTA Champ level
  • High school Varsity tennis team
  • Finalist in high school district
  • Semi-finalist in regional competition

We're proud of the fact that like all of our WS athletes, Katy is also a high academic achiever (top 6% in her high school and Texas schools are BIG!). And, it's not surprising that Katy embraces volunteer work with her family--a group of super grounded and humble people.

Thank you Katy for your adorable alluring looks, athleticism and for making photo shoots fun!

 (At left, Katy is wearing 'Free' from our Free/Spirit wristband collection. At right, our 'X/Games' full set)


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