Harry Ray-Saunders

Wristpect Sport Athlete Harry Ray Saunders   Wristpect Sport Athlete Harry Ray Saunders

13 year old Harry Ray-Saunders has that 3 part name 'thing' going for him (think, Billie Jean King, Jo 'Willy' Tsonga, etc) that already makes him sound like an accomplished pro athlete and household name for sure! And, Harry Ray-Saunders (see, we like typing that) seems to be willing to work at making his dream of being a professional tennis player a reality.

What gets us about Harry is his 'late start' in tennis (age 11) yet his immediate commitment to the game. That commitment and longing to succeed is delivering impressive results in the junior ranks.

Harry's Stats:

  • Right Hander - Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK
  • British Tennis rating, 6.1
  • Yorkshire County Rating (Boys U14): #10 / National rank, #277
  • Trains at both Batley Tennis Centre and Queens Sports Club
  • Coaching from Laurence Kelly (former LTA National Coach who coached GB's boys team when Andy Murray played for GB)
  • Attended La Manga Tennis Academy, Spain

Because of our own familiarity with busy schedules, while playing high level junior tennis and sports in our past, we can now appreciate the time and effort parents, and dear old 'Mum' (as our lovely British mothers refer to themselves as) put into their junior athletes. Harry's mother, Jo, is a tennis player herself who put the game aside in her teens. But as she began carting Harry to and fro to a multitude of tennis facilitates, she decided to get back into the game both on and off court. Jo trained with the LTA (Lawn Tennis Association) to become a referee and has gone on to create Baseline Tennis with Laurence Kelly and Ellis Ward to make junior tennis more accessible to children at a young age. 

Like our other Wristpect Sport athletes, Harry is a very good student in school and is in the top set for all of his subjects. Harry is locked in on tennis and has committed himself to spending time in the gym to further develop a greater overall fitness level.

 (At left, Harry is shown wearing our 'Blades' wristband from the 'GRIT/Blades' collection (sold out) AND our 'Spirit' wristband from the 'Free/Spirit' collection.
At right, Harry is shown wearing our 'Pro' wristband from the 'Pro/Circuit' collection)


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