Jamilah Nicole Snells - rising national junior tennis player

Wristpect Sport athlete Jamilah Snells      

Twelve year old Jamilah Snells reached out to Wristpect Sport by way of her father, Gary. Makes sense, she is after all, only twelve 'and change'. We learned quickly that she has been a sports gal since very young, splitting time between playing on a premiere soccer club AND moving through the ranks of junior tennis at a clip that seems at the least, riveted. At the ripe age of 6 she was being coached by Andrei Kozlov. Between Andrei's coaching and her will, she promptly began entering National level tennis events starting in 2013. And, has been blazing a trail since...

Jamilah's stats:

We got a real sense for Jamilah's sprit when we found out she has a nickname of 'Jam' while one of her doubles partners takes on the name, 'Jelly!' And while we're talking food, we've learned Jamilah likes beef ribs, gumbo and sushi! It's clear, her fast path and hectic travel schedule have helped her cultivate an open-mind to a variety of foods. We respect that!

Jamilah attends Sagemont Academy in Weston Florida. Like her athletic accomplishments, she rises to the top with her grades and receives straight A's in Advanced math and science!

(At left, Jamilah is wearing our 'Grace' wristband from the 'Fluid/Grace' tennis wristband set)


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