Olivia French- Rising International Junior Tennis Player

Olivia French had (and has) several things going for her when we first encountered her interest in Wristpect Sport as it 'bubbled up' through social media. That interest was coming all the way from the U.K and naturally we took notice!

First, Olivia's Instagram profile displayed this alluring quote:

'Your mind quits 100 times before your body does. Feel the pain and then do it anyway.'  

Then, ever so slowly Olivia began to like and comment on key Wristpect Sport posts while we in turn delighted in seeing her tennis images with teammates, trophies and training. But Olivia stopped us in our tracks with her professionalism and diligence in her request for being sponsored by our company. She even ended one of her emails with '...good luck in expanding your company, I'm sure it will continue to grow!' Though she was requesting sponsorship in that note, it was impressive that this young girl was able to 'take herself out of the picture' and think of someone/something other than herself. Right then, we knew we had 'met' a serious tennis player, a smart person and a girl determined to go forth into the world with her dreams and goals! 

Olivia's Stats:

 * Right handed

 * Local Cheshire Girls U14's rank: #1

 * Regional Girls U14's rank: #4

 * Great Britain Girls U14's rank: #30

 * Trains at Bolton International Performance Centre

 * Lives in Cheshire, Great Britain

Olivia's family is an Arsenal loving football club ('soccer' as we say here in Texas and the US) and this is the sport she initially played but it was good ol' 'Mum' that decided to place the sport of tennis in front of Olivia at the age of 7. She hasn't stopped playing since!

Olivia rounds out her days with her interest in music. She plays guitar and piano and has even performed at local events by expressing a mixture of soul and rock genres. We think Olivia is a ROCK solid person who shall go far in this world! Thank you Olivia!

(Above, Olivia is shown wearing our Fluid/Grace wristband set)

Instagram: 19frenchie_liv









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