Aidan O'Connor- rising junior tennis player

Wristpect Sport Athlete Aidan O'ConnorAidan was introduced to tennis in a way that most other players weren’t. Aidan’s younger brother and sister were playing at a clinic and Aidan instantly thought, “I want to play that”. Aidan entered in a beginners program and found the coach who would transform his game.
After a year, Aidan rapidly improved and was starting to think much more seriously about the game rather than playing leisurely. He soon started playing in a few tournaments. The first few ones had a couple of wins but not the great results that he was striving for. In a few more months, he got there, making his first ever final and knocking out 3 seeded players.
Now, Aidan has 3 titles to date and is currently training and looks forward to playing more tournaments during the school year.
His favorite player is Roger Federer. 

Aidan's Stats:
  • Right Hander living in NewYork
  • Ranked in the top 20 in boys10 and under in the East
  • Coached by Khan Pathan in Queens, New York
  • Favorite shot: Backhand

 Outside of tennis, Aidan runs cross country for his middle school. He loves school and prioritizes academics. He loves being a big brother to Brigid and Paidrag.

 Welcome aboard Aidan!

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