Evie Chester- Promising International Junior Tennis Player

Wristpect Sport shares an image of Evie Chester  Wristpect Sport Sponsored Tennis athlete Evie Chester

Who's five years old, pint sized, playful and has a sister named Poppy? Why Evie Chester from Lancashire UK of course! 

Sometimes you just get charmed by the spirit of children, especially those that seemingly have a little extra desire to dream big, play big and go for it! Our eye caught little Evie Chester walloping tennis balls via videos posted on her (and her 3 year old sister, Poppy’s) Instagram page (‘chester_sisters’). The identifiable red and yellow USTA transition foam balls (designed for younger players) were taking a beating as we watched Evie being trained carefully yet, professionally by ‘someone’ off camera. That ‘someone’ was good ol’ dad, Scott Chester.

Scott, along with others, could see that Evie had the knack for tennis at a very young age. So while Scott fueled the fun via social media, we continued to get hooked watching this adorable little girl and her love for the game. So it was easy to follow our instincts as athletes and lead with our hearts as people, and make Evie Chester, a Wristpect Sport athlete!

We're not surprised that the British tennis network says Evie could be a ‘future star’ we're just here to celebrate Evie's love of the game and her innate joy of just being a kid; playing in her garden, house and at the local tennis courts!

Simply put, we are smitten with Evie Chester, her family and the idea of human potential.

Evie’s Stats:

  • Right hander living and training in Lytham, Lancashire UK
  • Started tennis roughly at 3 years old 
  • Trains at the Lytham Tennis Club, AND in her house and garden!
  • Coached by her dad, Scott Chester
  • Accomplishments: WON her first tourney recently at the South Ribble Tennis Center...a U8 tournament (for those that don't' know, 'U8' means she played against kids EIGHT years old or younger) where she beat a few boys along the way.
  • WATCH EVIE HERE:   https://instagram.com/p/7ldd2_vr7T/

    We were endeared when Evie's 'Mum' told us that Evie has a great sense of humor and likes to pretend she is her favorite player, Novak Djokovic. We were further captivated when we found out the serve is Evie's favorite shot to practice and that she was once caught in front of the computer scribbling serious strategy notes on the many court strategies of Maria Sharapova!

    From looking forward to playing doubles with her little sister, Poppy, to her love of school and tennis, Evie Chester is off to a great start in sport and life!

     (At left, Evie shown wearing our Dynamic Duo wristband set. At right, our Dot Calm wristband set)



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