Kamryn Taub - Rising National Junior Tennis Player



Wristpect Sport sponsored junior tennis player Kamryn Taub wearing Tennis AnyWON performance top and World wristband

(Kamryn Taub shown wearing Wristpect Sport Tennis AnyWON top and tie-dye inspired 'World' wristband from the 'World-Peace' wristband set)

Tennis players can grab our attention on court due to powerful play, their fashion, or the like. And sometimes a player can grab the attention of a sponsor -like Wristpect Sport!- when they use these words: 'I woke up this morning and decided to take a risk." 

These are the words Kamryn Taub of California wrote to us in her impassioned email requesting Wristpect Sport sponsorship. Kamryn further grabbed us when she stated she is currently 17 years old BUT had only just begun tennis at age 14! Some of us on staff also started the game in our late teens, and some of us started even later. Either way, we respect Kamryn's having been able to start at 14 and go on to WIN her area's (Sacramento Area Tennis Association) age group within one year! At 16, she quickly sought higher levels of competition and began playing up in the girl's 18's age group. It was there that Kamryn went from, no tourney experience, and a virtual unknown in junior tennis, to being in the top 150 in her division. 

Kamryn's Stats

  • Right handed- living in Folsom, CA
  • Pre time off due to injury, Kamryn was ranked #1 in the Sacramento Area Tennis Association and 150 in her section
  • Goal: to play professional tennis

Kamryn has tons of other interests outside of tennis but she focuses mostly on her desire to play professional tennis by being an excellent student via a local charter school; which affords her more flexibility and time on the tennis courts. And, she holds a high GPA and has even begun taking some college courses. 

While Kamryn's email to us was about seeking Wristpect Sport sponsorship she humbly recognized in that same note that she 'really has everything she needs for her tennisan amazing coach, great support, and all the supplies…EXCEPT for a wristband.' And just like that Kamryn's 'risk' to approach us paid off; we realized we had a player who is clever yet respects the privilege of tennis and understands she really does have it all! Kamryn Taub GET'S IT! She get's that she is fortunate. That will carry her far in both tennis and life!  Welcome aboard Kamryn!

Kamryn Taub- junior tennis player shown wearing Wristpect Sport U.S. flag wristband

(Here Kamryn is shown wearing our United States inspired flag wristband

from the 'Free-Spirit' wristband set)


(P.S., we have another Wristpect Sport sponsored athlete to thank for introducing Kamryn to our unique products…Felix Mischker)