Sparky Anderslam - Roller Derby Skater & Wristpect Sport Sponsored Athlete

Sparky Anderslam Roller Derby Jammer photo shared by Wristpect Sport

(Sparky is shown wearing our Kaleidoscope wristband single at left and our Infinity wristband single at right)

O.k., roll with us on this analogy: If Roller Derby were given a music classification it would be, heavy metal head banger and if tennis were given one many would catalog it in the classical genre. Am I 'right-ish' on this comparison?

So how in the world did Wristpect Sport (primarily a tennis based company) collide with an athlete in the sport of Roller Derby? Elementary my Dear Watson!

Sport is sport and sweat is sweat!

And hey, many female athletes like fashionable products to make sweating look good!

Enter Sparky Anderslam (that's her derby moniker) a roller derby skater from Michigan playing on the Bath City's A-Team, better known as the Bath City Bath Bombers. Sparky reached out to us because her sport is HOT and she wanted something to help mop sweat. In came an email with the name 'Sparky' and a description of her position as Jammer:

"I'm 36 and I've been jamming for almost 6 years. Jammers are the point scorers in the game and if you were to compare derby to a football game, the jammer IS the football itself. Your product would definitely be used in my sport so I'd love to find out more about being an ambassador and possibly gain sponsorship for my team."

BOOM! We were hooked. How could you not be?! And through our correspondence we've learned Sparky has a great sense of humor, is a family gal AND is a teacher! She's for sure teaching us about a sport we know nothing about but are captivated by!

Sparky Anderslam Roller Derby Jammer in action shared by Wristpect Sport

(Above, Sparky sports our Wristpect-Love wristband single) 

Sparky's Stats:

  • 6 years of derby experience
  • Position: Jammer
  • Jersey, #11
  • State participating in: Michigan
  • Skates for Bath City Bath Bombers
  • Skate site: Joe Dumar's Fieldhouse- Shelby Township, MI
  • Team ranking (state of Michigan) as of 2016, #4
  • Bath City finished 2016 season undefeated
  • Sparky's team will participate in the October 2016 Division 1 tourney
  • Sparky is required to wear: a helmet, knee, elbow and wrist guards along with a mouthpiece. She also opts to wear a chest guard, face guard and ankle guards.
  • Instagram: Meaganvanover
  • Facebook: Sparky Anderslam
  • Web Address: Bath City Roller Girls
  • Facebook: bcrollergirls

Interesting Derby Facts:

  • Roller Derby is the #1 growing sport in the US 
  • In addition to national and world championship levels, an Olympic inclusion is being discussed.
  • Roller Derby was televised in the 70's and was all about showmanship. Today's derby is about athleticism and empowerment.
  • Sport's governing body: WFTDA (Women's Flat Track Association)

We're excited to follow Sparky and her team and further our knowledge of this sport! We welcome the chance to share our product on top roller derby shopping sites and ask those store owners to reach out to us at:

This Today Show video of young girls and their view of roller derby will bring you into the 'know' a bit more about the sport's appeal to females AND make you smile!