Margot Carter- International Tennis Player Sponsored by Wristpect Sport

Margot Carter- Wristpect Sport Sponsored Athlete

(Margot Carter wearing Snow Leopard wristband single)

A tennis players journey is personal and varies individualistically from person to person but we find it interesting how tennis players journey's (plural) merge and meld into one story within this great sport!

Our tennis journey collided with Margot Carter's via social media (Instagram to be exact). Next thing we knew we were on the phone speaking to this wildly creative soul --complete with Brit accent --about her company (and app), Spherical Yellow! 

The synergy between not only our mutual love of tennis but also our collective desire to bring the tennis community positivity through ideas, coaching and products, was undeniable! It was easy to make this collegiate and pro level tennis player a sponsored Wristpect Sport athlete!

Loving tennis and sports in her home in Winchester, England, Margot ended up in the states after being awarded a full tennis scholarship to Tennessee Tech University where she also completed her Bachelors of Science in Environmental Biology. Tennis didn't stop after college and it hasn't stopped to this day...

Margot's Stats:
  • Right Handed- 2-handed backhand
  • Splits living time between England and Tennessee
  • Highest Professional Tour Ranking: #451 in doubles
  • Past Assistant Coaching position at Tennessee Tech University
  • Founder/CEO Spherical Yellow
  • Co-Founder 2016 Nashville $25,000 event
  • USPTA/PTR certified
  • Currently continues playing on the world circuit

From the short amount of time we've gotten to know Margot, we find her to be ambitious, a people-person, and an innovator. She seemingly enjoys establishing relationships with others in this great sport, knowing that somehow the tennis community is in fact, a small world with BIG opportunites! 

Welcome aboard Margot!

Margot Carter wearing Wristpect Sport tennis wristband          

(Margot Carter shown wearing V-Blocks wristband- now SOLD OUT)                     

Savannah Broadus- Rising National Junior Tennis Player & Sponsored Wristpect Sport Athlete

Savannah Broadus Tennis Player in action
(Savannah shown pairing our Spring Break wristband set with her colorful tennis apparel)

Being entrenched in the game of tennis and sports affords our brand the chance to meet tons of people! Some we encounter along our journey just have that SPARK! Or, maybe it's better to say, they ARE the spark?!!

14 year old Savannah Broadus is indeed a spark! She's immediately engaging with her smile, bright eyes and athletic build. Then watch her on court and it's clear she has tennis acumen that makes her a top junior player to watch here in Texas AND nationally!

Savannah started playing at the age of 5 then competed in her first tournament at 8 years old at the beloved, Little Mo tournament. When she reached the age of 11, Savannah finished third at the Little Mo Nationals! Quickly during the 12 and under age bracket she climbed to #1 in Texas and #2 in the nation. Savannah's grit and desire for pursuing tennis continues...

Savannah's Stats:
  • Right Handed- living in north Texas
  • Current Texas rankings: #3 in 14U and #8 in 16U 
  • Current National ranking: #17 14U
  • Trains at The Lakes Tennis Academy (Frisco, TX) under Dave Licker
  • Accomplishments/Awards: Silver Ball winner National Clay Courts Florida (doubles). Sportsmanship Award Eve Zimmerman Tournamaet Standord University
The photos shown here of Savannah came during our second meeting where we officially welcomed her to the Wristpect Sport team and conducted a photo shoot of her wearing our wristbands. The energy we felt with this 14 year old AND her mother during the shoot was like 'hand in glove' (or for us, 'wristband on wrist!') We smiled, joked, and even danced our way through the shoot with a positive vibe and touch of funky attitude. It's as if we'd played doubles and known each other for a long time! 

Savannah currently enjoys our wristbands not only as a sweat accessory and pop of color but as a functional accessory she can use to discreetly hide a wrist brace she temporarily wears on her playing hand due to a recent strain.

Savannah Broadus wearing Wristpect Sport Forehand Backhand wristbands

(Savannah shown wearing our Forehand Backhand WINNER wristband set)

Outside of tennis, Savannah is an avid dog lover. She also enjoys hanging with her friends AND watching her big brother's tennis team at the University of Notre Dame! And let it be known that Savannah's mom also has a deep tennis background having played at TCU and now currently teaching/coaching tennis also in the north Texas area. Thanks Broadus family and welcome aboard Savannah!

Savannah Broadus goofing around with Wristpect Sport tennis accessories brand

 (Savannah giving a little love shout out to her mom during the photo shoot)

Aidan O'Connor- rising junior tennis player

Wristpect Sport Athlete Aidan O'ConnorAidan was introduced to tennis in a way that most other players weren’t. Aidan’s younger brother and sister were playing at a clinic and Aidan instantly thought, “I want to play that”. Aidan entered in a beginners program and found the coach who would transform his game.
After a year, Aidan rapidly improved and was starting to think much more seriously about the game rather than playing leisurely. He soon started playing in a few tournaments. The first few ones had a couple of wins but not the great results that he was striving for. In a few more months, he got there, making his first ever final and knocking out 3 seeded players.
Now, Aidan has 3 titles to date and is currently training and looks forward to playing more tournaments during the school year.
His favorite player is Roger Federer. 

Aidan's Stats:
  • Right Hander living in NewYork
  • Ranked in the top 20 in boys10 and under in the East
  • Coached by Khan Pathan in Queens, New York
  • Favorite shot: Backhand

 Outside of tennis, Aidan runs cross country for his middle school. He loves school and prioritizes academics. He loves being a big brother to Brigid and Paidrag.

 Welcome aboard Aidan!

 Above Aidan is wearing Wristpect Love and Blades from Grit/Blades wristband set. (sold out)