Primal Colors wristband double set with 2 ply absorption


Primal & Colors Wristband Set  A great gift idea!

Alone, or with teammates, you hear The Call of the Wild! You enjoy splashes of vibrant color to accent solids and/or to mix with other interesting patterns. No matter your hues, or those of your team’s, always play primal tennis with primal colors!


WWA043-044 (includes 2 wristbands)

  •  Size: 1 size fits most
  •  Material: 80% cotton, 20% Spandex/polyester.
  •  Washing Instructions: Machine wash warm-NO bleach.

Recyclable retro paper pouch with string closure.


Team Gifts

Wear OR Share… Give OR express: 

  • Team solidarity
  • Fashionable uniform accent
  • Partners, Captain’s & Coaches gifts
  • Tournament giveaways
  • Holiday’s & B.F.’s
  • For the love of sweat & sport!