Wristpect Sport! ® started as a simple idea written in a journal. You could say it’s our way of creatively paying wristpect to a vital accessory, long used by millions of athletes; an accessory we fondly refer to as, the ‘workhorse of sweat’----the wristband!

This simple accessory had been over looked through the years so we set out on a mission for both the serious athlete and the workout crowd:

The result: Wristbands Unleashed: an updated sweat management product with enhanced function and infused fashion; a wristband that is far from ordinary!

Wristpect Sport! roots itself in the tradition of sports yet delights in simple fresh changes that unleash the spirit of your gear & the way you play your sport! 

We would be honored to have you join us on our journey of sport...


Wristpect Sport Love Blossom wristband shown in USA colored carnations


With appreciation & Wristpect,

Your Sweat Management Team

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