SWEAT & TELL                                                                      


Our Sweat & Tell program allows professional and amateur sports teams and organizations, member associations, as well as corporations, the ability to customize a Wristpect Sport wristband with their logo. It's a great way to tell YOUR story and offer a relevant functional accessory for your event and/or to be given or sold to your: players, members, and fans! 

Here's just a few of the teams and organizations who've asked us to create their custom wristbands:


Texas Wild Tennis (Mylan World Team Tennis- professional sports team):


 500 custom wristbands emblazoned with the Texas Wild logo and packaged in a clever, yet cost effective clear view  bag with Wristpect Sport header card as co-branding/awareness were used as follows:

  • Sold as Retail merchandise
  • Offered as a team uniform accent for each pro player to wear
  • Give-away's as part of brand awareness for the Texas Wild organization
  • Thank you's to ticket holders/audience participants

(We hope since you're on our site, you're a follower/friend of our Facebook and Instagram pages.here's where you can become a fan/follower of the Texas Wild and WTT:


https://www.facebook.com/WorldTeamTennis )


Tennis Competitors of Dallas (ladies tennis league- D/FW metroplex area)

1,000 custom wristbands showcasing the TCD logo and the organizations milestone 'established on' date were set amidst the Dallas skyline. The pretty pink hue was appropriately selected to pair with leading tennis apparel. 

Wristpect Sport's tasteful retail paper envelope was used to further the value and sentiment of 'thanks' to each member/recipient.

TCD wristbands were used as follows: 

  • Member Thank You & Kick off to Annual Fall Tennis season 
  • 900 TCD members/ players across the DFW metroplex received the free wristband 

(Players fuel up between matches while wearing the custom wristband)


(For more information on Tennis Competitors of Dallas click here: http://www.tcdtennis.org  OR https://www.facebook.com/TennisCompetitorsOfDallas/info



Fans, players and teammates enjoy wearing fashionable team accessories! 

* 500-1,000 piece minimum

* FREE computer drawings and design assist

* Pricing varies depending on: qty., packaging, design, etc.

* Email us at: bounceback@wristpectsport.com if you would like to discuss creating a custom fashionable wristband for your team or organization!