Do you love team tennis?       Do you love your tennis team?

If your answer is yes then Wristpect Sport! has a deal that's right for you--and your teammates! Let us partner with you and your team to accessorize you for a winning season.

wristpect sport team

(Though not visible on all for this photo, the team shown above, opted for our

Dynamic Duo blue and electric yellow wristband set)

Whether your team wears a matching uniform, or specific team color, or not; Wristpect Sport wants to offer your team sponsorship. Everyone needs to mop their sweat and we want you to do it fashionably, while saving!

Florida team at Sectionals wearing wristpect sport wristband single Arctic Tigris

(The team shown above, opted for our Arctic Tigris black and white wristband single)

Wristpect Sport studies the latest tennis fashion and we keep both colors and patterns in mind when designing our wristbands. This makes it easy for you to find a set that is tailored to your teams' look while we provide a DISCOUNT!

To qualify for sponsorship:

  • Like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram
  • Buy 8 wristband packs or more to receive a 30% Team Tailoring discount
  • Take team photo and post it Wristpect Sport! wristbands on Wristpect Sport's Facebook OR Instagram page

sandestin team wristpect!

  • Have fun with your team!

asics and wristpect sport wirstbands

Keep partnering with us season to season and we'll keep the savings coming because who doesn't like freshening up their tennis attire EVERY season?