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Here’s a look from the inside out: Our Sweat-Ban ™ technology blends 2 fabrics:
 An updated sport fabric, positioned on top, for wiping and wicking sweat away from eyes, chin and face is now paired with a classic lush soft cotton terry underside which aids in absorption.
Two fabrics combined = IMPROVED function!

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Why create a 2-pack of wristbands that don't match?
Easy, to give you a little extra mileage with your outfits and sweat!
We make it our mission to Wristpect you, your sport, and your sense of style!
Wristpect Sport!® double wristband packs offer:
 Wristpect Sport's Unleashed Bonus for their clever products
Assortment of Wristpect Sport colorful wristband sets in packaging
Sweating never looked so good!