CrimsonTide double tennis wristband set with 2 layered construction for more absorption


Crimson & Tide Wristband Set  

Roll Tide may be your alma mater's rally cry, or you may just love to roll with a classic strong red! A fashionable geometric of crisp red and white offsets a trademark classic houndstooth pattern with a bit of black. Staple colors perfect for any day, or for Valentines Day/Christmas themed tennis/sports events/gift giving.

WWA045-046 (includes 2 wristbands)

  •  Size: 1 size fits most
  •  Material: 80% cotton, 20% Spandex/polyester
  •  Washing Instructions: Machine wash warm-NO bleach
  • Packaging: retro paper envelope with string closure Wristpect Sport Satisfaction, guarantee, shipping seals of approval