Forehand Backhand double wristband set with 2 layered construction for more absorption


Forehand & Backhand Wristband Set  A great gift idea!

Any good partnership requires some particulars, strategy and mojo! Whether you play the ad side or deuce side in doubles or prefer the solo of singles it all translates to hitting your forehand or your backhand. This deep navy blue and happy citrus tangerine pair will bind you and your partner together, and allow you to express your spirited character and united fashion sense on court!

WWB057-058 (includes 2 wristbands)

  •  Size: 1 size fits most
  •  Material: 80% cotton, 20% Spandex/polyester
  •  Washing Instructions: Machine wash warm-NO bleach
  • Packaging: retro paper envelope with string closureWristpect Sport satisfaction, guarantee, fast shipping seals of approval