Play Ball Wristband Set with 2 ply absorption


Play & Ball Wristband Set  A great gift idea!

America’s favorite pastime meets tennis! Tennis player passion flows through this whimsical bright yellow, black, grey and white wristband set. The freeform pattern and Picasso style tennis ball design show, no matter the sport, we all love to have a ball!


WWA049-050 (includes 2 wristbands)

  •  Size: 1 size fits most
  •  Material: 80% cotton, 20% Spandex/polyester.
  •  Washing Instructions: Machine wash warm-NO bleach.

Recyclable retro paper pouch with string closure.


Team Gifts

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  • Team solidarity
  • Fashionable uniform accent
  • Partners, Captain’s & Coaches gifts
  • Tournament giveaways
  • Holiday’s & B.F.’s
  • For the love of sweat & sport!